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Revolv is new type of mobile application that describes itself as "one hub, one application," that gives users the ability to create a completely unified smart home system that the
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SmartThings is new type of home automation device that claims to give their users "security, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities" for securing and automating their home devi
Vera Smarter Home Control
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Vera Smarter Home Control is a new type of home automation device which claims that, using basic wireless technology and your existing internet system, Vera can let you see and control just
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CenturyLink, found online at CenturyLink.com, describes themselves as a leading provider of Internet, TV, Voice, and Security services whose goal is to make these things more affordable and
Noke Bluetooth Padlock
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The Noke Bluetooth Padlock describes itself as the world's first Bluetooth padlock, which doesn't need to rely on physical keys or combination numbers to keep your personal items saf
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Simplicam, found online at Simplicam.com, is a new home monitoring product which says that they can help people away from home check on their children, pets, or home itself from their smartp
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Switchmate, found online at Switchmate.com, is a new home automation device that works specifically with the lights in your home, and gives you control of them via your smartphone. How Do
Point Home Security System
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Point Home Security System, found online at FormDevices.com, describes itself as the "smart house sitter," a device that is able to monitor the safety of your home without intrusiv
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Lockitron, found online at Lockitron.com, is a new home automation device that wants to give people the ability to manage their home door locks with their cell phones and without the use of
Family Home Defense Plans
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The Family Home Defense Plans is a collection of home defense plans created by Keith Jacobs, creator of other defense and survival focused websites, who says he can teach anyone with any bud

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