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InstaGone Max
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InstaGone Max, found online at InstaGoneMax.com, is a new cleaning product which promises that users will be able to remove common stains upon contact with the cleanser, no scrubbing or rubb
Citrus Depot
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The people at Citrus Depot showed our youth organization unprecedented kindness. We work with troubled kids and we try to do our best to include everyone in the community. Unfortunately, t
Power Innovator Program
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The Power Innovator Program, available online at PowerInnovater.com, is a new program from Dr. Richard Goran which promises to give people a safe, simple, affordable, and easy way to cut the
FrogTape and Shape Tape
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FrogTape and Shape Tape are two new products which promise to help people create the best quality home painting and decorating projects by providing them with a special, new kind of painter&
Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Seeder, found online at HydroMousse.ca, is a new type of liquid lawn seeder that they describe as “revolutionary,” and promises their product will grow a
Dutch Glow
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Dutch Glow, found online at DutchGlow.com, is an As Seen On TV furniture polish made specifically to fix, restore, and return shine to any piece of wood furniture you have in your home. &nbs
Aqua Stone
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The Aqua Stone, found online at GetAquaStone.com, is a new As Seen On TV product described as the all natural decorative stone humidifier which promises their customers an effective home hum
Weed Raptor
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The Weed Raptor, found online at WeedRaptor.com, is a new As Seen On TV product which offers homeowners the ability to easily and effective maintain their lawn and garden with a four-in-one
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FabriClear, found online at FabriClear.com, is a new As Seen On TV product which promises customers that it has the ability to kill bed bugs on contact, all while being non-toxic and safe to
Home Reliable Energy
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The Reliable Home Energy guide, found online at ReliableHomeEnergy.net, is a new program which promises to give people a step-by-step guide to creating a device at home which will meet all o

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