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Modernize.com is a website that describes itself as "a place to gather ideas and see how other homeowners have transformed their houses" so that you yourself can find what you need
Champion Windows
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ChampionWindow.com is the only home of Champion Windows, a company that says they offer their customers high quality, guaranteed custom manufactured windows, doors, and sunrooms.   H
Worx Air Blower
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The Worx Air Blower is a new home power tool available from WORX, who says that this product can help make keeping both the inside and outside of your home clean easy, fast, and efficient.&n
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Havenly.com offers online interior design services and home decoration by simply taking the style quiz. If you do so, you can be matched with a designer based on your style, or you can explo
Bath Fitter
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Bath Fitter, found online at BathFitter.com, is a professional bathroom remodel company that has been in business for more than 30 years, with a goal of helping homeowners with beautiful and
The Mister
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The Mister, found online at TheMisterKickstarter.com, is a new product whose goal is to help people save money on their air conditioning by providing them with a solar powered, computer oper
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Spaceways, found online at Spaceways.com, is a new self storage service company available in the Chicago metropolitan area, which promises simple pricing and ultimate convenience, especially
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InVinceable, found online at InVinceable.com, is a new “As Seen On TV” home cleaning product which describes itself as a powerful, multi-purpose stain solution that is appropriat
My Cleaning Secret
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My Cleaning Secret, found online at MyCleaningSecret.com, is a new As Seen On TV cleaning product which claims that it can make pots, pans, ovens, and more “look like new” withou
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