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ServiceMaster, found online at ServiceMaster.com, is a Memphis based company founded in 1929 and says their mission is to “simplify and improve” the quality of their customers&rs
Furniture Medic
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Furniture Medic is a company that was founded in 1992 and describes itself as the world’s largest and most respected furniture repair and wood restoration company due to their unparall
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Handybook.com is the online home of Handybook, a company that says their goal is to make finding and booking home service professionals quick, easy, and reliable for homeowners, businesses,
Roberta's Unique Gardens
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Roberta's Unique Gardens is a fourth generation family owned business who says that they are a leading exhibitor at flower and garden shows around the world who searches the globe for &q
Constellation Energy
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Constellation Energy, found online at Constellation.com, is a company that describes itself as a leading competitive supplier of power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management p
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Modernize.com is a website that describes itself as "a place to gather ideas and see how other homeowners have transformed their houses" so that you yourself can find what you need
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Havenly.com offers online interior design services and home decoration by simply taking the style quiz. If you do so, you can be matched with a designer based on your style, or you can explo
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NextDoor.com is a new, private social network designed just for you and the other members of your neighborhood and your community to interact online in order to make your neighborhood better
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Houzz.com is a website that describes itself as “the new way to design your home,” beginning early on as a hobby website and now home to 30 million members and home décor
Utility Warehouse
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Utility Warehouse, found online at UW.co.uk, is a company in the United Kingdom that offers a unique approach to making your monthly utilities cheaper, as well as an independent business opp