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SkyBell describes itself as a tool that will let you "answer the doorbell with your smartphone" using their WiFi enabled video doorbell device which allows you to see and speak wit
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SmartThings is new type of home automation device that claims to give their users "security, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities" for securing and automating their home devi
Vera Smarter Home Control
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Vera Smarter Home Control is a new type of home automation device which claims that, using basic wireless technology and your existing internet system, Vera can let you see and control just
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CenturyLink, found online at CenturyLink.com, describes themselves as a leading provider of Internet, TV, Voice, and Security services whose goal is to make these things more affordable and
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WallyHome, found online at WallyHome.com, is a new home automation sensor and service that promises to help homeowners detect water leaks and mold, so you can prevent small problems from tur
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I preordered this as a gift for my son for Christmas in Nov 2012. It is now August 2015. After waiting 1 1/2 years for the product to be delivered, the order was cancelled by me and a refund
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The iCamPRO is a product available at Amaryllo.us, which says that it is the first home security device that can see, hear, sense, and track moving objects, making multiple security cameras
Ring Video Doorbell
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Ring.com is the online home of the Ring Video Doorbell, a new home automation and home security product which says that home owners can feel as though they are “always at home.”&
Angee Home Security System
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Angee Home Security System, found online at MeetAngee.com, is a new home security system that promises people the best use of innovative, smart technology to keep their homes and families sa
Twist Speaker Lightbulb
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Twist Speaker Lightbulb, found online at HelloTwist.com, is a new smart home product which describes itself as “smart lighting meets premium audio” and combines a traditional lig

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