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Cove Water Filter
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The Cove Water Filter, found online at DrinkCove.com, is a new water filter designed for your home that strives to go beyond a traditional water filter and use smart technology to provide th
Neato Robotics
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NeatoRobotics.com is the online home of Neato Robotics, a company who says that they are making some of the highest quality, most effective robotic vacuums available on the market today.
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iRobot.com is the online home of Roomba, one of the most well-known robotic cleaning products available on today’s market, which has been around for many years at this time. How Doe
Air Oasis
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Air Oasis, found online at AirOasis.com, is a company that says they make high quality, innovative air purifiers for your home or your business, to suit whatever air quality issues you may h
SunToWater Generators
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SunToWater Generators, found online at SunToWater.com, is a company which says their goal is to provide people with an environmentally friendly and sufficient way to produce their own water
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The Mistbox, found online at Mistbox.com, is a new product that you can attach to your outdoor air conditioning unit in order to conserve energy and save money on your AC usage. How Does
Noria Air Conditioner
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The Noria Air Conditioner is a new window air conditioning unit that is currently taking place in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and which promises that they will be the “smarter w
Prima Cinema
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Prima Cinema, found online at PrimaCinema.com, is a new type of home entertainment service which promises to give people superior quality home theater equipment where they can have home acce
Handy Heater
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The Handy Heater, found online at HandyHeater.com, is a new compact personal space heater which says that it can provide people with warmth and comfort wherever it is in their home or office
Zero Breeze Air Conditioner
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The Zero Breeze Air Conditioner Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger is a new product being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com that promises to give people the portable light and charging

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