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SunToWater Generators
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SunToWater Generators, found online at SunToWater.com, is a company which says their goal is to provide people with an environmentally friendly and sufficient way to produce their own water
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The Mistbox, found online at Mistbox.com, is a new product that you can attach to your outdoor air conditioning unit in order to conserve energy and save money on your AC usage. How Does
Noria Air Conditioner
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The Noria Air Conditioner is a new window air conditioning unit that is currently taking place in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and which promises that they will be the “smarter w
Handy Heater
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The Handy Heater is a compact personal space heater which says that it can provide people with warmth and comfort wherever it is in their home or office.  How Does It Work? Accord
Zero Breeze Air Conditioner
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Total crap! Horrible Service! A fan with a damp cloth over it would cool better than this $1,199 machine! We are 6 weeks into summer, and about 10 emails in to demands for video after vide
AlexaPure Breeze
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Patriot Health Alliance is a company dedicated to providing people with health-restoring and maintaining products as well as educating them on numerous but little-known health hazards. Th
Dyson V8 Animal Handstick
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Don't waste your money on a Dyson vacuum cleaner. They are overrated and over priced. Claims of the battery lasting 40 minutes on a charge are absolute lies. You get 5 minutes at best.
Rug Doctor is an American company with a 43-year-long tradition. They produce vacuum cleaners which have all the features of deep-cleaning professional cleaners, and yet are significantly mo
AirCooler 24
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Fast response times when needed with well trained staff who go that extra mile to make sure that their work is 100%.
Heat Hero
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Are you tired of spending all winter shivering through the days and nights? Rather than forcing yourself to suffer, you might consider a product like the Heat Hero. This dynamic product can