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Parts Dr
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Upon reading the reviews for this site I'm not surprised by my service. They're clearly a scam generating fake reviews from bizrate which is a shady fake review generator. I sup
Flex-able Hose
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The Flex-able Hose, found online at FlexableHose.com, is described as “an incredible expanding green hose” which is intended to fix the problems caused by storing and using tradi
Englert LeafGuard
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Englert LeafGuard Brand Gutters provide the ultimate solution to prevent clogged gutters. LeafGuard is a patented covered gutter system that is easy to maintain and protects your home fro
Clear TV HD Antenna
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First of all this is by no means how a review should be written. This reads more like an informercial than any review I've ever seen. The facts on HD TV Antennas are, most of them work
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Wayfair.com is the online home of Wayfair, a company established in 2002 whose goal is to give their customers easy online access to “the world’s home stuff” all in one pla
Shark Clean
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The Shark Cleaning system, created by Euro-Pro, claims that they have been designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer, who wants better and more efficient products that fit thei
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Mohu, found online at GoMohu.com, is a company that says it is made up of talented, dedicated people who are interested in bringing consumers simple, game changing products. According to
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CasaGear.com is a website that promises they offer their customers 35,000 of the best home products on the market with a focus on function, comfort, and style, but most importantly products
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Build.com is a website and company that says their goal is to help their customers with "Smarter Home Improvement," with a large selection of home goods, access to home improvement
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BuildDirect.com is a website which offers their customers a new and improved approach to home building and remodeling by allowing homeowners to find the necessary supplies from providers and