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This company has been around for decades and used to be one of the best..It has obviously gone to the dogs. they have great prices, but you get what you pay for. We bought an mini-split AC u
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HomeClick.com, website of the home improvement website HomeClick, says that their philosophy is that upgrading your home should be fun, accessible, and streamlined for the best possible h
Cafe Cup
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The Café Cup is an “As Seen On TV” product which is intended to make any home coffee maker into a single cup coffee maker, with their reusable single serving coffee fil
Parts Dr
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Ordered part from Parts Dr based on misdiagnosis, re-ordered correct part from Amazon. Both parts arrived same day, installed correct part from Amazon
Flex-able Hose
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The Flex-able Hose, found online at FlexableHose.com, is described as “an incredible expanding green hose” which is intended to fix the problems caused by storing and using tradi
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The XHose, found online at XHose.com, is described on their website as the “world's first and ONLY expanding hose” which addresses common problems caused by the storage and u
National Builder Supply
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National Builder Supply is an online wholesaler which specializes in providing homeowners and professionals with high quality products for home remodeling at affordable prices. Establishe
Englert LeafGuard
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Englert LeafGuard Brand Gutters provide the ultimate solution to prevent clogged gutters. LeafGuard is a patented covered gutter system that is easy to maintain and protects your home fro
Clear TV HD Antenna
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Clear TV HD Antenna is a new product available for people who wish to stop paying monthly bills for traditional cable service and are looking for a way to still watch their favorite shows
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Wayfair.com is the online home of Wayfair, a company established in 2002 whose goal is to give their customers easy online access to “the world’s home stuff” all in one pla

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