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Humana Medicare Advantage Plan
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Had a PPO advantage plan with Coventry for several years, was fine until Aetna bought and assimilated them. Decided to try Humana HMO Advantage plan co-branded with Cleveland Clinic seein
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DentalPlans.com is a site that offers discounted dental plans that you can use at any of their listed participating dentists. This is not a dental insurance policy so you can use the plan an
UnitedHealth Group
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Having health insurance is important when it comes to you and your family’s well-being. There are many health insurance providers across the country each having varying rates and po
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eHealthInsurance.com is an online brokerage company connecting consumers to insurance providers. Through their website you may generate quotes for a range of insurance coverage plans, some o
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HealthCare.gov has integrated private and public insurance plans into their database so consumers can compare and purchase health insurance, dental insurance, Medicaid or chip coverage. The
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HealthMarkets.com is the home of Health Markets, a company that says their goal is to help people find the right insurance coverage at the right price, and have to date helped more than one
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Healthcare.com describes themselves as “the leading unbiased search, comparison and recommendation tool” for people who are trying to find a new health insurance plan that meets
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MedicareSupplement.com promises to provide people with all the information and guidance they need to choose the best Medicare insurance supplement provider for their needs.  How
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One of your AmeriPlan employee's tried to sell me insurance. LOLLOL, her 3 children are on Medicare. If the insurance is so good. why isn't her family on it. Such a joke.
Carefree Dental Card
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Uh oh. Time for a root canal. You pay for that, spending thousands of dollars on out of pocket expenses, or waiting months to have it before your dental insurance kicks in. Then you find out