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Wet Shave Club
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The Wet Shave Club, found online at WetShaveClub.com, is a new monthly subscription service that promises their customers monthly deliveries of some of the highest quality wet shave products
Cornerstone Razors
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Cornerstone Razors, found online at Cornerstone.co.uk, is a new United Kingdom based company which says they are offering their customers a £14 shave product that is “changing an
Based on 23 Reviews

ShaveKit, found online at ShaveKit.com, is a new United Kingdom based company which says they are able to offer their customers everything they need for “a quality shave at a smart pri
Sensica SensiLight Mini
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The Sensica SensiLight Mini, available at BrandDevelopers.co.nz, is a new at home laser device which promises people that they can handle their unwanted hair, making sure that it goes away f
Target Tweeze
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TargetTweeze.com is the online home of Target Tweeze, a company which says they want to provide their customers with a less painful, more effective way of removing unwanted hair. How Does
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The BaKblade, found online at BaKblade.com, is a new product designed for men who want a convenient, safe, and effective way to get rid of back hair on their own in the comfort of their home
SmoothTech Pro
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SmoothTech Pro, found online at SmoothTechPro.com, is a new personal care product that says they are both the masculine and holistic solution for smoother, clearer skin. How Does It Work?
Nina Silk
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The Nina Silk, found online at BuyNinaSilk.com, says that they are providing their customers with a “revolutionary pain-free hair removal system” that any woman can use. How D
Flawless Hair Removal
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Flawless Hair Removal, found online at FinishingTouchFlawless.com, is a new beauty product which promises people a simple, effective, and safe way to remove facial hair.  How Does It
Waxing Beans
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Waxing Beans, found online at WaxingBeans.com, is a new company and product line which promises people a new and effective way to wax their hair in the comfort of their own home.  Ho

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