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Micro Touch Grooming
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Micro Touch Grooming, found online at MicroTouchGrooming.com, is a company that promises their customers high quality hair grooming products for men, from personal trimmers to full service c
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EvoDerma, found online at EvoDerma.com, is a company that says they specialize in “leading-edge intense pulsed light hair removal, skincare, and well-being technology” for both m
Yes! by Finishing Touch
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Yes! by Finishing Touch is a new at home hair removal tool which promises their users that they can “get gorgeous without the pain” using their advanced Sensa-Light Technology.&n
Silk'n Flash and Go
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The Silk’n Flash and Go, found online at Silkn.com, describes itself as the at home solution for “painless, permanent hair removal” using their clinically proven home pulse
Veet Infini'Silk Pro
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The Veet Infini’Silk Pro, found online at Veet.us, describes itself as a handheld device which is able to provide their users with permanent hair reduction at home, with salon quality
Tria Beauty
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Tria Beauty, found online at TriaBeauty.com, is a company that says they provide people with revolutionary light based skincare products which “bring professional technology out of the
Sonic Groom
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Sonic Groom, found online at SonicGroom.com, describes their product as “the ultra sleek trimmer that combines sonic power with micro touch technology” to meet all your grooming
Defender Razor
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Defender Razor, found online at DefenderRazor.com, is a new razor which claims that they are the first completely redesigned razor available in more than 50 years and which offers “the
West Coast Shaving
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West Coast Shaving, found online at WestCoastShaving.com, is a company that says since they were established in 2007 they have enjoyed getting to know their customers and answering all their
Tria Laser Hair Removal
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TriaBeauty.com is the online home of the Tria Laser Hair Removal products, which are at home hair removal lasers which promise to give people professional quality results in the comfort of h

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