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Dollar Shave Club
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Dollar Shave Club is a monthly membership club which allows its users to choose their choice of shave equipment that will be shipped to them each month for a flat, affordable fee. This co
Harry's Razors
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Harry's Razors is a monthly razor supply company that claims it was created for guys who don't want to overpay for a great shave, with products made out of respect for quality c
Shave Mob
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Shave Mob is a provider of premium shaving products that promises their customers can save up to 70% on their products versus similar premium razor blades you would buy at local stores. 
The Art of Shaving
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The Art of Shaving is a company dedicated to making luxury, high quality shaving products for men, everything ranging from razors to shave cream, accessories, and full shaving kits. 
Bevel Shaving System
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The Bevel Shaving System from Walker and Company describes itself as "the first and only" end-to-end shaving system for men with coarse and curly hair which is available in an auto
Defender Razor
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Defender Razor, found online at DefenderRazor.com, is a new razor which claims that they are the first completely redesigned razor available in more than 50 years and which offers “the
West Coast Shaving
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West Coast Shaving, found online at WestCoastShaving.com, is a company that says since they were established in 2007 they have enjoyed getting to know their customers and answering all their
Based on 34 Reviews

ShaveKit, found online at ShaveKit.com, is a new United Kingdom based company which says they are able to offer their customers everything they need for “a quality shave at a smart pri
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The BaKblade, found online at BaKblade.com, is a new product designed for men who want a convenient, safe, and effective way to get rid of back hair on their own in the comfort of their home
Flawless Hair Removal
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Flawless Hair Removal, found online at FinishingTouchFlawless.com, is a new beauty product which promises people a simple, effective, and safe way to remove facial hair.  How Does It