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KeraFiber, found online at KeraFiber.com, is a hair product which promises that its users can “instantly eliminate the appearance of hair loss” quickly, easily, and more affor
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Toppik, found online at Toppik.com, is a company that promises its hair products can transform your hair and give you the appearance of a full head of hair instantly, with better quality
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HairEnvy.com is a specialty website which calls themselves a “one stop shop for head turning locks,” and is one of the three websites that are a part of the HairEnvy, DermStor
Grey Defence
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Grey Defence, found online at GreyDefence.com, is a new dietary supplement which claims to slow, stop, and even reverse grey hair that occurs as a result of the natural aging process. COO
Go Away Gray
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Go Away Gray is a new, all natural supplement available from Rise-N-Shine, LLC, a nutritional supplement company that says their supplement can give customers a way to stop and reverse gray
Scalp Med
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Scalp Med is new product that claims it is helping people "win the battle against hair loss," with a small customer survey indicating that 95% of customers were able to grow their
Yummy Extensions
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Yummy Extensions, found online at YummyExtensions.com, is a company established in 2010 that promises their customers they specialize in offering high quality virgin hair extensions at attai
Viviscal Hair Growth
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Viviscal Hair Growth is a dietary supplement that has been designed and created to help restore thinning hair for both men and women using all natural, non-chemical products that "work
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Hairfinity, found online at Hairfinity.com, is a product line from Brock Beauty that was created in 2006 in order to help customers grow stronger hair faster, using all health supplements wi
Luxury Hair Direct
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Luxury Hair Direct, found online at LuxuryHairDirect.com, is a company that says they provide people with celebrity quality hair extensions and wigs that they can purchase online and use at

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