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HairClub.com, the online home of the Hair Club, says that they are the leading provider of hair restoration solutions and that they make sure to provide their clientele with only proven s
Hair Essentials for Hair Growth is a nutritional supplement from Natural Well Being, which claims to be able to stop hair loss in both men and women and promote new hair re-growth. Accord
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KeraFiber, found online at KeraFiber.com, is a hair product which promises that its users can “instantly eliminate the appearance of hair loss” quickly, easily, and more affor
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Toppik, found online at Toppik.com, is a company that promises its hair products can transform your hair and give you the appearance of a full head of hair instantly, with better quality res
Scalp Med
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Scalp Med is new product that claims it is helping people "win the battle against hair loss," with a small customer survey indicating that 95% of customers were able to grow their
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Regenix is the Los Angeles based laboratory that claims to be able to help people with thinning hair prevent continuing hair loss using a custom designed formula and all natural ingredients.
Hair Formula 37
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Hair Formula 37 is a nutritional supplement that promises to help people grow their hair four times faster than normal, using all natural ingredients.  How Does It Work? The goal
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Caboki, found online at Caboki.com, is a company that says they take great pride in creating products that address and camouflage thinning hair, while using all natural ingredients. How D
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Hairburst, found online at Hairburst.com, is a new nutritional supplement which promises people the ability to get the vitamins and nutrients they need to natural grow stronger, healthier ha
Vinci Hair Clinic
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Vinci Hair Clinic, found online at VinciHairClinic.com, is a series of clinics that are dedicated to helping both men and women suffering from hair loss with a variety of treatment options.