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23andMe.com is the home of 23andMe, an organization who says that their goal is to provide the average person with a DNA analysis service providing information and tools for individuals to l
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DNAFit, found online at FitnessGenes.com, wants to give people an understanding of their own genetic makeup and how it can help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.  How D
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Let various experts in integrative medicine, genomics, computer systems, and product design give you an ancestry DNA test that will offer you a small peek into your past. Along with knowing
Wisdom Panel
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If you watched the Puppy Bowl this year, you might have wondered how each breed was verified. Perhaps you didn’t watch the Bowl, but are simply interested in your dog’s genetic b
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What is the “right” food for you to eat? The world is filled with diets and new data that is constantly stating that you should be eating this and not eating that. Yet, what thes
Thryve Probiotics
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Did you know that you have millions of microorganisms living inside your body? It’s not the stuff of science fiction, and it shouldn't scare you, either - these microorganisms not
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It might be kind of icky to think about all the creatures living in your gut, but when it really comes down to it, the organisms that live in your gut play a major role. Certain gut microbes
CRI Genetics
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Finding the right company to assist you with your ancestry can be daunting. There are almost as many fraudulent companies as there are legitimate ones, which makes it incredibly easy to make