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FindMyPast.com is a family history company that was established in 1965 by professional genealogists in the United Kingdom that has recently expanded overseas, here to the United States.
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RecordsBase.com is the home of RecordsBase, a public records search engine and home of online genealogy resources that can be used by anyone looking to find out more about their heritage
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People are often curious about their heritage and where they came from. Most likely, no one in their family had saved records nor handed down any documents from prior generations. Individ
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23andMe.com is the home of 23andMe, an organization who says that their goal is to provide the average person with a DNA analysis service providing information and tools for individuals to l
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GenealogyBank.com is a website that calls themselves the "leading online genealogical resource" which says they give their users the ability to trace their ancestors back to 1690.
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Archives.com says that they are the best way for people to "discover their family history" quickly and simply by giving them the ability to instantly search through more than 4 bil
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Fold3.com says that their goal is to provide people with the most convenient and comprehensive access to military records within the United States branches of military, including stories, ph
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OneGreatFamily.com is a website that promises people an easy and effective way to track down, create, maintain, and expand their family tree using their high quality, comprehensive tools and
Family Tree DNA
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Family Tree DNA, found online at FamilyTreeDNA.com, is a website which says that they have the largest ancestry DNA database in the world, giving people their best chance to “trace the
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MyHeritage.com is the online home of MyHeritage, a genealogy website which promises to help people find information on their ancestry and heritage, as well as the ability to build a complete

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