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Rainbow Resource Center
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Online order placed August 18, 2020. One month later, today, I still have not received my order. Calls to the business put you on hold, forever, and there is no way to leave a message. Em
Jefferson Prep
Based on 65 Reviews

I hired Jefferson Prep to provide SAT prep for my daughter. The tutor was a lady named Monica and she was quite good. My daughter's SAT score went up over 300 points. BUT I should say
Pimsleur Approach
Based on 406 Reviews

The Pimsleur Approach (PimsleurApproach.com) is a foreign language course that promises to teach you the basics of your chosen language within 10 days using proven methods created by Dr.
Rosetta Stone
Based on 1 Review

Rosetta Stone was introduced in 1992 by a company called Fairfield Language Technologies.  This language-learning program continues to draw in consumers and has been successful since
Based on 32 Reviews

Such an amazing website I have ever seen. It helps students in all academic problems. The reply was also very quick. As I need to get Turnitin report urgently this website helps me a lot. Wi
Based on 1 Review

DuoLingo.com is a free language learning web-based computer program, the lessons are also integrated with a game-like component to offer a challenge to its users. DuoLingo.com offers less
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K12.com is a website for the K12 organization, who says their mission is to provide any child access to exceptional curriculum and tools that will enable them to maximize their success in
Looney Tunes Phonics is an animated interactive educational program that makes learning fun for kids as young as three and for adults who are learning a second language. Students with lea
Math Made Easy
Based on 1 Review

Math Made Easy is a multi-media tutorial review program for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college. The lessons are available in DVD’s for math subjec
Mindvalley Academy
Based on 9 Reviews

Mindvalley Academy, found online at Mindvalley.com, is a company who says that their goal is to help everyone create an “epic life” by using the skills and techniques of the worl

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