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Chargify, found online at Chargify.com, is a company that says their goal is to help your business maintain your customer relationships for years by smoothly managing all your subscriber act
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BraintreePayments.com is the online home of Braintree, a company that says they can provide you with everything you need for companies all over the world to accept payments online.  
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Apttus.com is the online home of Apttus, a company that says their goal is to give companies enterprise class application capability, but in a way that can be implemented and integrated as q
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ShopKeep.com is the online home of ShopKeep, a company that offers retailers and bar and restaurant owners an iPad and cloud-based point of sale system that can provide you with a complete b
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Webgility.com is the online home of Webgility, a company that says they have worked hard to provide businesses with the software innovations they need to revolutionize the way e-commerce com
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After researching and hiring many other developers for migration, I'm very happy with Lit Extension and would only use them. Not a lot of migrations work as fast and efficient, I wish I
United Domains
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United Domains, found online at UnitedDomains.com, is a company that says their goal is to help their customers find the best possible domain name for their website using the newest and most
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Due.com is the online home of the Due Payment Processing system which promises people “payments made awesome” with their free digital wallet that lets people make and accept paym
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StoresOnline is a company that claims to offer a full ecommerce business training  and support to customers.  They host nationwide introductory seminars in which they present folks

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