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Square Card Reader
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Keeping a business profitable nowadays requires a bit more mobility and flexibility to accommodate customers. Being able to make a sale when you are not at your location of business, incr
Intuit GoPayment
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Trying to run a successful business typically requires traveling outside of the company’s physical location. The convenience of bringing your business on the road with you is made p
Aivea Commerce Server
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ACS has a great potential when it comes to ecommerce servers. However, I find the site lack of visually appealing content which makes people interested compared to well-established ecommerce
Uniecommerce software
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We found numerous flaws in the multi-vendor software that made no sense from an ecommerce perspective such as: 1. All forms that contain an address use a drop down field for the city which
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Payoneer, found online at Payoneer.com, is a new payment service that claims to remove boundaries and geographical obstacles from international payment systems to make them as convenient as
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Lucrazon, found online at Lucrazon.com, is a company that says they are the first out there to offer their customers a "fully integrated Ecommerce System with patent pending technology.
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Authorize.net is a gateway payment service that promises to provide internet retailers with the "complex infrastructure and security" that are necessary to ensure a secure transfer
Spark Pay
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Spark Pay, available from Spark Business and Capital One, describes itself as a complete service that helps small businesses track sales, manage inventory, and provide mobile payment on the
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Feedvisor, found at Feedvisor.com, is a company that offers "the world's first fully algorithmic re-pricing platform," an ecommerce solution that is intended to give marketplac
Active Network
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Active Network, found online at ActiveNetwork.com, is a company that specializes in creating online event registration software that can help your company or organization can operate their e

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