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Greentoe.com describes themselves as “a revolution in online shopping,” due to their approach of giving shoppers the ability to negotiate with retailers about the prices they wil
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OfferUp.com is the online home of OfferUp, a person-to-person mobile marketplace that promises to provide buyers and sellers with a safe and convenient place to easily buy and sell used good
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Wallapop.com is the online home of Wallapop, a new person-to-person marketplace that promises to give buyers and sellers a safe and convenient place to easily buy and sell used goods all usi
Mercari App
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The Mercari App, found online at Mercari.com, describes itself as “Japan’s mobile shopping obsession” and is a mobile app designed to help resell their pre-owned items they
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CardCash.com is a website which claims to give people the ability to “unleash the power of your gift cards,” by allowing people a safe and trustworthy place to buy and sell unuse
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Arcbazar.com is a website whose goal is to help architects and designers connect with potential clients in a unique and interesting way, by allowing them to compete for client projects. 
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UncommonGoods.com is an online retailer that says their goal is offer their customers original designs created by independent makers from all over the world, with a focus on positively impac
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Fliptopia, found online at Fliptopia.com, is a new subsidiary of Apptopia which promises to be the best place for app creators and buyers to connect as well as the “easiest way to buy
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Reverb, found online at Reverb.com, is a new online marketplace that describes themselves as “the best place for musicians to buy and sell the gear they use to create the music they lo
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eCrater, found online at eCrater.com, is a digital marketplace which provides sellers with a place to build a web store and allows buyers to find products they want or need from sellers all