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BookMooch, found online at BookMooch.com, is a company that provides book lovers with a place to trade their unwanted books for books they haven’t read with other members of BookMoo
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SecondSpin.com is an online buyer and seller of used CD’s, DVD’s and Games. It is considered to be the largest buyer and seller of these items having a warehouse of over 800,0
Disk Devil
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I strongly advise NOT using Discdevil.co.uk. They confirmed receipt of my items on 10 October 2013, despite promising a turnaround time of 7 days, I have not received any payment as of 5 Nov
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BigValueDepot.com is the online home of Big Value Depot, a digital marketplace which allows people to both buy and sell items using a popular online auction system similar to that of inte
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BookScouter.com is the online home of BookScouter, a company who says that their goal is to help you sell your used textbooks and books of other sorts for the best possible price that can be
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Raise.com is an online marketplace where registered members can sell and buy gift cards. This site is simply a medium used to facilitate transactions among its buyers and sellers. Members
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TeachersPayTeachers.com is the online home of Teachers Pay Teachers, the world's first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original educational resou
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Cash4Books.net is a website that describes itself as "America's Trusted Online Textbook Buyer" who says they are committed to providing their customers with a convenient way to
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Half.com is now Half.eBay.com, a partner of well known online auction website eBay, which acts as a digital marketplace that allows people to sell their books, music, movies, and games with
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Chegg.com is the online home of Chegg, a company that says their goal is to meet the needs of today's students, including everything from textbook rentals to help with homework and even

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