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Biblio.com is a website that says they were created "for the love of books," giving bookstores the ability to reach and connect with customers all over the world, regardless of the
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First time worked well with good quality design. The second time, it was very average, and support foo resolution wasn't helpful. Had to post a third project to get a complete redesign
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Eventbrite.com is a new website who says that their goal is to bring people together by helping them discover more of what they love, getting out into the community, and meeting like minded
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GolfNow.com is a website that offers people the ability to make tee time reservations at more than 5,000 golf courses all over the world, any time of the day or night, with their special boo
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OpenSky.com is a website who says their goal is to give customers access to both shop and share "the world's most creative brands" established by independent shop owners on the
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SellBackYourBook.com is a website that gives both students and regular people the chance to sell their old books, as well as old graphing calculators, CDs, DVDs, Video Games, and more. 
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Tradesy.com is a website that offers women a place to resell high quality clothing items they no longer wear in just sixty seconds, as well as a place for women to find great deals on gently
Parking Panda
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Parking Panda, found at ParkingPanda.com, is a website that provides people with a way to make parking in major metropolitan areas simpler, cheaper, and more convenient just by using their m
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Minted.com is the online home of Minted, a company who describes themselves as “a marketplace of independent artists” and provides customers with access to unique stationary, art
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Alibris.com describes themselves as “a vibrant marketplace” which focuses its energy on the three fastest growing areas of worldwide media, which are listed as online sales, text