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The V-Taper Solution
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The V-Taper Solution, found online at VTaperSolution.com, is a new diet and exercise plan from Brad Pilon which promises to help men burn fat and achieve their fittest body ever.   H
Bikini Body Recipes by Danette May, found online at EatDrinkShrinkPlan.com, is a new nutrition and diet book that promises people a selection of easy, 10 minute recipes that are perfectly de
Vinsanity Shred
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Vinsanity Shred, found online at VinsanityShred.com, is a new website which provides people with a wide selection of workout and diet plans which can be customized to your specific needs and
Standard Process Cleanse
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Standard Process Cleanse, found online at StandardProcess.com, is a new health and wellness company which provides people with the 21-Day Purification Program, for cleansing their bodies. &n
The 3 Day Military Diet
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The 3 Day Military Diet, found online at TheMilitaryDiet.com, is a trending diet which promises people the ability to lose ten full pounds each week by spending three days on a diet and four
The Master Key to Reversing Diabetes for Life is a new health and wellness guide created by The Abundance Project who says that he can give anyone a way to improve and even cure their diabet
4 Cycle Fat Loss
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4 Cycle Fat Loss, found online at 4CycleFatLoss.com, is a new diet and weight loss program which promises people a way to quickly and efficiently lose weight without having to give up carboh
The Shepherd's Diet
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The Shepherd’s Diet, found online at BiblicalBellyBreakthrough.com, is a new diet and weight loss approach that they say is guided by Biblical teachings and also has the power to turn
Organic Total Body Reboot
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The Organic Total Body Reboot is a new diet program being sold by Thomas DeLauer and his website, Organic Health Protocol, which promises to help people address inflammation and lose weight.
Inflammation Erased
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Inflammation Erased is a new health and wellness guide published by The Alternative Daily which promises to help people reduce their internal inflammation and therefore improve their overall

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