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Fast Metabolism Diet
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The Fast Metabolism Diet is available from Haylie Pomroy, a "registered wellness consultant," who says that food is "not the enemy but rather the medicine" we need to rev
Brenda Watson
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Brenda Watson is the digestive care expert and author of well known health and diet books like The Skinny Gut Diet who says that she can teach people how to "achieve vibrant, lasting he
The Dr. Fuhrman End Dieting Forever book is the sequel to the doctor's first book, Eat to Live, a New York Times best seller that attempts to teach people how to lose weight and live hea
The 17 Day Diet
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The 17 Day Diet meal delivery program is a new health and wellness approach to weight loss which is brought to users by Dr. Mike Moreno and BistroMD and promises to help people lose weight a
Flat Belly Forever
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The Flat Belly Forever Diet, found online at FlatBellyForever.com, is a new diet and exercise weight loss plan that says they can help men and women meet their weight loss goals in just 90 d
The Rainbow Juice Cleanse
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The Rainbow Juice Cleanse is a detox and cleanse program available from Dr. Ginger Southall, who claims that this is a revolutionary program that uses “a rainbow of vegetables” t
My Bikini Butt
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My Bikini Butt, found online at BikiniButt.com, is a new health and wellness program from Andrea Albright, who promises that it can help women not only get a “tight, toned, and celluli
LA Weight Loss
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LA Weight Loss, found online at LAWeightLoss.com, is a new diet and nutrition program design for successful weight loss, without any need to “starve” yourself or feeling deprived
Provida Life Sciences
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Provida Life Sciences, found online at Provida.com, says that they are the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive, in-home, education based weight loss program, as well as tools an
Right Size Smoothies
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Right Size Smoothies, found online at MyRightSize.com, is a diet and weight loss program that is defined by their delicious and nutritious smoothies which are intended to act as satisfying m

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