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By joining SparkPeople’s online program and community you will have all of the resources necessary to lose weight and while learning how to lead an overall healthy life. They promot
Fast Metabolism Diet
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The Fast Metabolism Diet is available from Haylie Pomroy, a "registered wellness consultant," who says that food is "not the enemy but rather the medicine" we need to rev
Brenda Watson
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Brenda Watson is the digestive care expert and author of well known health and diet books like The Skinny Gut Diet who says that she can teach people how to "achieve vibrant, lasting he
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CronoMeter, found online at CronoMeter.com, is a new health and wellness mobile application that has been created in order to give people a way to track their nutrition and health data. 
Smart Blood Sugar
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Smart Blood Sugar, found online at SmartBloodSugar.com, is a new health and wellness guide owned by Primal Health LP that promises to teach people a new “way of life” t
VFX Body
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VFX Body, found online at VFXBody.com, is a company that promises to give women the secret for their weight loss success in a combination of diet and exercise which leads to “Metabolic
The Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet, found online at BodyEcology.com, is a new diet and lifestyle program that promises to give people a holistic approach to improving their physical an
John Barban Weight Loss Diet
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The John Barban Weight Loss Diet, found online at VFXBody.com, is a diet and weight loss program that promises to give women the secret for weight loss success by using a special diet which
Vinsanity Shred
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VShred, found online at Vshred.com, is a new website which provides people with a wide selection of workout and diet plans which can be customized to your specific needs and fitness goals. &
Standard Process Cleanse
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Standard Process Cleanse, found online at StandardProcess.com, is a new health and wellness company which provides people with the 21-Day Purification Program, for cleansing their bodies. &n