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Magic Delivery Service
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The Magic Delivery Service, found online at GetMagicNow.com, is a new company that promises to get their customers and members whatever they want delivered to them when they need it, or as s
Breeze Car Rental
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Breeze Car Rental is a new company whose goal is to help people take advantage of the income stream made possible by today’s market for “on demand” services, including ride
Boxed Wholesale
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Boxed.com is the online home of Boxed Wholesale, a company dedicated to bringing the affordable bulk wholesale shopping experience to people in their homes, so they can afford the hassle whi
Dolly App
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GetDolly.com is the online home of Dolly App, a new mobile application available in some cities which gives people the ability to get “Dolly Helpers” to help them with micro-move
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ePantry.com is a website that says their goal is to give people access to the best quality, most effective all natural and planet-friendly household products on a convenient shipping schedul
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Shyp, found online at Shyp.com, is a mobile app that says their goal is to help their customers forget all the research, worry, and problems that comes with shipping their packages, and take
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Svbscription, found online at Svbscription.com, is a new company that describes itself as a luxury delivery service that will match their members with a personal shopper that will meet all t
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Grabr.io is the online home of Grabr, a new delivery on-demand company that says their goal is to give people a way to “deliver anything, from anywhere in the world, within 24 hours.&r
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Shweebo.com is the online home of Shweebo, a package forwarding service that says their goal is to provide international customers with a way of purchasing products from US retailers and hav
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Hopsy, found online at Hopsy.Beer, is a new online delivery service that is dedicated entirely to helping craft breweries expand their market by providing customer with brewery to door deliv

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