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The Tao of Badass
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The Tao of Badass, at TheTaoOfBadass.com, is a program created by Joshua Pellicer that is intended to help any man raise themselves into the “top 2% of men,” simply by correct
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eLove.com refers to themselves as a personal matchmaking and dating coaching services available to “upscale singles” available in over twenty-five different states nationwide.
Dr. Wayne Dyer
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Dr. Wayne Dyer is an author and speaker in the field of “self-development,” whose website, DrWayneDyer.com, says that his body of work has led his fans to call him the “
Attraction Formula
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The Attraction Formula is an eBook written and promoted by author Paul Janka, who claims that he can teach any man how to “seduce any woman in 60 seconds” with his tips and ad
Relationship Rewind
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Relationship Rewind, found online at RelationshipRewind.com, is a product that claims to help people who have relationship problems but don't know how to fix them as well as those who
Pandora's Box System
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The Pandora’s Box System is a dating advice program which claims to be based on proven, scientific research and can teach any man the tricks and tips needed to successfully date any
3 Questions Get The Girl
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3 Questions Get The Girl is a website for The Pandora’s Box System, a dating advice program which claims to have discovered a “loophole” in the female mind which will al
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YouBeauty.com is a lifestyle website created by well known doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, who founded the website in 2011 to help people realize their full potential for beauty, bo
Girlfriend Activation System
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The Girlfriend Activation System is a new dating product from Christian Hudson, who says that he can help anyone crack the secret code in a woman's DNA that will help her fall in love wi
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MyDailyMoment.com is a website which tells their members and visitors that "when you only have a moment, MyDailyMoment.com will inform, inspire, and entertain you," on a wide varie

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