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DailySale.com is a daily deals website that describes themselves as the “only place” where customers can get the best deals on all the products they love, at 50-90% off tradition
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OfferGenie.com is a daily deals website which promises their customers “all your wishes for less” with their selection of special, discounted deals that are exclusively available
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Massdrop.com is a website and company that says that their goal is “bringing enthusiasts together” to find the best possible deals on their favorite products in their chosen hobb
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I was using many sites to find good free and discount ebooks and BookLemur is the best. Very easy to use. I get the books by genre. They seem to know exactly what I like.
Runaway Goodness
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Runaway Goodness, found on RunawayGoodness.com, is a new company that promises to provide people with regular newsletters that offer info on what free and discounted books are available to c
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Dealspotr is a new social site that brands itself as a fast, easy, and trustworthy source of deals and coupons. The site is edited by the community, sort of like Wikipedia, so since there ar
Deals for Mommy
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Deals for Mommy, found online at DealsForMommy.com, is a website which promises to give current mothers and expecting mothers a chance to win new products each and every week with their swee
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DD4.com is a new international ecommerce website which works to bring together large scale sellers with customers all around the world who are looking for the best prices on electronics and
Buck Books
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Buck Books, found online at BuckBooks.net, is a new company that says they want to provide their members with daily emails providing them with information about the newest, most affordable e
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Offers.com is a new website which promises their customers a “one stop shop” in which to find the best coupons, discounts, and deals so that their customers can have access to &l

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