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This is the worst site when it comes to placing orders!! You have to wait forever for items, but they take your money right away. If you submit a claim you get noting but canned responses.
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FatWallet is a website established by Tim Storm in 1999 that helps people find the best retail deals available, as well as coupon codes, money saving tips, and Cash Back program. FatW
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I use to love ordering from Hidden Treasure Candles, but now they have this joke of a company doing their shipping. What use to take a day is now taking a week with no sign of shipping. Ther
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With the availability of coupons through Top Coupons Today’s website, it is one stop shop for free coupons, trial offers, hot deals and discounts.  The wide range of products,
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RueLaLa is an invitation only portal to a shopping experience like no other. This site is a great way to access special sales for current style trends and the most sought after brands in
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By setting up an account with LivingSocial, through their main website or Facebook, you will gain access to special promotions. You can access these deals online and even through their fr
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1Sale.com is a website that specializes in providing their customers with daily deals, which are items that are sold at deep discounts for a short period of twenty-four hours. 1Sale.com o
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Purchasing goods and services for savings ranging from 50-90% is possible through DealNation.com. They are the portal for you to find deals from merchants in your geographic location. Offers
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Go with groupon instead, at least they are more legitimate and honest. I purchased some coupons from dealfinder once, it was a disaster and their customer service was garbage, at the end i r
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I myself as a business owner ran my deals on groupon which was fine, giving the consumer 50-60% off on my deals but, the bad thing was giving groupon 50% of my total earnings, plus 2.5% for

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