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RueLaLa is an invitation only portal to a shopping experience like no other. This site is a great way to access special sales for current style trends and the most sought after brands in
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1Sale.com is a website that specializes in providing their customers with daily deals, which are items that are sold at deep discounts for a short period of twenty-four hours. 1Sale.com o
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Purchasing goods and services for savings ranging from 50-90% is possible through DealNation.com. They are the portal for you to find deals from merchants in your geographic location. Offers
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Dx.com is the online home of DealExtreme.com, an online shopping center that offers multiple different types of items, from electronics and gadgets to jewelry and other accessories. Dx.co
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Groupon.com is the online home of Groupon, a company which promises that it can save its members between 50% and 90% on popular goods and services with their daily deals website. Grou
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LivingSocial.com is the home of Living Social, a company which provides their members with daily deal offerings from both local and national retailers, restaurants, event companies, and more
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AppSumo.com is a website that promises their customers that they promote a wide range of innovative, creative, and overall great products for entrepreneurs that will help them "kick ass
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BradsDeals.com is a website that describes itself as a "one stop source" for shoppers to come and find coupons and deals from thousands of retailers so that you can make the most i
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BookBub.com is a website which promises to alert their members to limited time free and discounted eBooks that match your personal literary interests and are available on a wide variety of e
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BookGorilla.com is the home of BookGorilla, a free service which promises to alert their members to limited time free and discounted Kindle eBooks that match your personal literary interests