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An absolute scam! I'm in the USA and was seeking some freelance design work. I put a project out there, and paid the fees for a recruiter and NDA. My credit card company sees the sit
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I've been to many review sites but this gives you opportunities to make a difference! You can try samples, view new products and help with deciding which packaging is more appealing! I
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Gigwalk is notorious for refusing to pay people. There are hundreds of stories all over the web of people who submitted their gig's and had them rejected. Myself included. I did a gi
Field Agent
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FieldAgent.net is a portal to information for individuals and businesses. Using this service is a resourceful tool when you need specific data that is not readily available, nor conveniently
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Squadhelp.com is the online home of Squadhelp, a company that says they can help you and your business find the help you need with all naming and logo projects using freelance creatives from
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1. It lies in its advertisements. There are no jobs for USD 12-13 an hour. 2. And there are no job with Appen. You are not their employee, you are an ''independent contractor�
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DesignCrowd.com is the online home of DesignCrowd, a digital marketplace where graphic designers come to compete for the business of clients who need designs for their personal or business p
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PeerStreet.com is the online home of PeerStreet, a digital marketplace which claims to provide their customers with “unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments.&
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Omaze.com is the online home of Omaze, a company that says their goal is to make giving money to charities both fun and easy, no matter how much money you have to give.  How Does It