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Property Partner
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Property Partner, found online at PropertyPartner.co, is a company that says their goal is to help people in the United Kingdom with an easy way to invest in real estate and residential prop
Bitaxles Financial System
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The Bitaxles Financial System, found online at Bitaxles.com, is a new investment opportunity that says their goal is to give people a way to earn money while also making the world a better p
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CrowdRising, found online at CrowdRising.net, is a new peer-to-peer direct funding company that says they offer people a way to give and support others while also receiving funds themselves.
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Tilt.com is the online home of Tilt, a new crowdfunding website that says they are the “social payments app of the future” helping individuals and organizations meet all their fu
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Generosity.com is the online home of Generosity, a new crowdfunding and fundraising website created by Indiegogo in order to host and cater specifically to fundraising causes of a personal a
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JustGiving.com is the online home of JustGiving, a company and website which describes themselves as “the world's most trusted platform for online giving.”   How Does
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StartEngine.com is a new website and company which says that they have worked hard to create a system of investing in startup companies that is available to everyone, not just wealthy invest
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CoinStarter.com is the online home of CoinStarter, a company that says that their goal is to “power the future of token based fundraising” by letting people raise funds with cryp
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Crowdstitch.com is the online home of Crowdstitch, a company that says they believe that great art can bring people together when it is worn in the world and discussed with friends, rather t
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YieldStreet.com is the online home of YieldStreet, a company that says their goal was to “democratize investing” and provide better investment opportunities for accredited invest

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