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SellaBand, found online at SellaBand.com, says their company allows new, independent musicians to fund their musical projects with investments made by their fans, so there is no need to sign
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RocketHub is a new website that allows users to create any type of fundraiser they choose "as long as it is legal and in good taste," in order to raise funds for new projects, char
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CrowdRise is a crowdfunding website that allows people to start free campaigns intended to raise money for projects and causes of all kinds, from business start ups to personal and charity c
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RealtyShares, found online at RealtyShares.com, says they can give people everything they need to intelligently invest in real estate from the comfort of their living rooms, using a simple a
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Booster.com is a company that says their goal is to help people raise money, awareness, and spirits, by giving individuals and organizations the ability to run an online fundraising campaign
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PearUp.com is a company that says their purpose is to help groups and causes connect with local brands and businesses near them in order to gain the necessary sponsorship and fundraising to
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Givling.com is the new and innovative approach to helping people handle their outstanding student loans, by giving people a chance to play trivia games in order to help pay off these loans.
Wunder Capital
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Wunder Capital, found online at WunderCapital.com, says that their goal is to give people the chance to invest in solar energy projects in order to earn strong returns while fighting climate
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Represent, found online at Represent.com, is a company that says they want to give people everything they need to sell their own products while promoting the cause or charity of their choice
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SmashFund, found online at SmashFund.com, is a new company that describes themselves as “the first social crowdfunding network,” which combines the benefits of social networking

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