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Kickstarter.com was founded in 2009 as “a new way to fund and follow creativity” by allowing creative people to collect funding for projects through “crowdfunding.&rdquo
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GoFundMe.com is a crowdfunding website which says they offer anyone the ability to create their own donation page as a safe, legit way to collect donations for life events, projects, and spe
Mosaic Solar
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Mosaic Solar is a company that describes themselves as "an online marketplace" where clean energy investing is open to the public, who can then earn returns by investing in solar p
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Indiegogo, found online at Indiegogo.com, is a new crowdfunding website where people can go to receive investments towards projects they are interested in getting off the ground.  Th
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FundersClub is a new website and company which describes themselves as a new type of venture capital platform that gives accredited investors a place to find new upcoming start ups to invest
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Wefunder is a new website and company which says that they have worked hard to create a system of investing in start up companies that is available to everyone, not just "accredited&quo
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Their Customer Service reps seem to not understand their own site. Ineffective and ignorant (who knows she could have been new on the job) is one thing, but the CSR we dealt with mislead th
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Fundly.com is a new website that says they work hard to make it as easy as possible to give people a chance to create online fundraisers for any reason, and for any amount, large or small. &
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I am offended I have to give these charlatans 1 star but it is the lowest rating available. I ordered the new Space Monkeys album through these lying cheats way over a year ago. pledgemusic
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RocketHub was a website that allows users to create any type of fundraiser they choose "as long as it is legal and in good taste," in order to raise funds for new projects, charity

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