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Green Dot
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Green Dot is a bank holding company providing low cost banking and payment. Green Dot's products and services include General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) prepaid debit cards and a large
Continental Finance Company
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Continental Finance is a company that extends credit to people with poor credit, lack of credit or no credit at all. With their option of two credit cards and various informational resour
Matrix Credit Card
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The Matrix Credit Card, offered through Continental Finance, is designed to help individuals build their credit. This is a viable option for those who have poor credit, lack of credit or
Achieve Card
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Achieve Card by MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that gives you the flexibility somewhat similar to what a credit card can offer. Anyone is eligible for the card regardless of their cre
Patelco Credit Union
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Patelco is a credit union that primarily services the area of northern California. They provide a range of financial services for both customers who bank with them as well as the general
Net First Platinum
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Net First Platinum promises to give their customers a guaranteed $500 unsecured credit card, with no employment check and immediate approval with just a simple, fast online application.
Discover IT Credit Card
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Discover it is a new credit card that doesn’t have an annual fee like most other credit cards. Discoverit’s approval process is based on each individual’s credit history
Comenity Bank
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Comenity Bank, located online at Comenity.net, is a financial institution that provides the backing of many different store and brand credit cards and credit accounts. According to th
First Bankcard
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First Bankcard is the credit card division of the First National Bank of Omaha, which includes more than six hundred financial institutions, co-brands, and affinity partners. Accordin
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CompareCards.com is a website that was established in 2004 to help consumers find not only available credit cards, but the right credit card for them based on different types of criteria.

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