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Square Card Reader
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Keeping a business profitable nowadays requires a bit more mobility and flexibility to accommodate customers. Being able to make a sale when you are not at your location of business, incr
Intuit GoPayment
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Trying to run a successful business typically requires traveling outside of the company’s physical location. The convenience of bringing your business on the road with you is made p
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PayAnywhere is a mobile merchant payment processing system for business people on the go, which includes a mobile credit card reader as well as downloadable payment processing software.
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Online payment processing companies are continuously popping up in the market; Stripe.com has been gaining the attention of businesses that need more control of their online payment struc
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Flint is an iPhone and iPad app that is only available in the US, most of its features and functions can be accessed from your phone at anytime from anywhere. The website, Flint.com, explain
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Our experience with Spark Pay has been possibly one of the most frustrating things we've ever dealt with over the course of our lifetime as a business. We recently had two larger trans

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