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Engrave-It Pro
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The Engrave-It Pro, found online at EngraveItPro.com, describes itself as “the amazing new cordless engraving tool” for people who want to take the personalization of products an
Simon Says Stamp
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Simon Says Stamp, found online at SimonSaysStamp.com, is a website whose goal is to provide their customers with the best possible scrapbooking products available on the market at any time.
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, found online at FireMountainGems.com, is a company established in 1973 in order to supply independent jewelry makers with everything they need to successfully c
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AccuQuilt, found online at AccuQuilt.com, is a company that promises to help their customers find the best possible tools, resources, fabrics, and more for all their quilting needs. 
Stickerkid Labels
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Just run into this labels online shop and ordered one of their labels offers for my kids. I would recommend them especially for the price and the fact that the stickers are water resist (at
Annie's Catalog
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Annie’s Catalog, found online at AnniesCatalog.com, is a company that was established in 1975 and that promises their customers everything they need for their crafts, nostalgia, and ho
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Sulky.com is the online home of Sulky sewing and embroidery products, a company which says that they have been committed to producing the highest quality products for more than 30 years. &nb
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CrystalNinja, found online at CrystalNinja.com, is a new monthly delivery service that specializes in providing people with a new designer fragrance each month so that you can “date&rd
Kniterate Knitting Machine
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The Kniterate Knitting Machine is a new product being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.com that promises to provide their customers with everything they need to design and create knitwear in their
Cutie Stix
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Cutie Stix, found online at CutieStix.com, is a new toy for kids that not only lets them create their own jewelry, but also lets them create their own beads so they own the creative process

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