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Zip Cloud, found online at ZipCloud.com, is a downloadable service which promises anyone the ability to utilize cloud storage technology that will provide people with the newest way to store
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Salesforce.com calls themselves the “enterprise cloud computing leader” and promises companies that use their services will find they will receive fast results, with low costs
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Egnyte, found online at Egnyte.com, is a secure file storage system designed to specifically address the “critical infrastructure needs of businesses” including file storing,
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They canceled my subscription and told me I had to purchase a new business contract. Without even giving a discount for all the money I had already paid for the current Lifetime subscription
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WeTransfer.com is the home of WeTransfer, a company who says that their mission is to create a platform that allows anyone in the world to send large files, free of stress and free of charge
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Zipwhip, found online at Zipwhip.com, is a company that says they have creates cloud enabled text messaging which allows their members to text message from virtually any connected device the
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iDrive.com is the home of iDrive, a new cloud storage system that allows users the ability to manage, sync, and secure their files from anywhere, at any time, according to their own personal
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Twilio, found online at Twilio.com, is cloud communications company that offers software developers the platform they need to create and develop applications that require communications feat
Mindbody Online
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Mindbody Online, found at MindbodyOnline.com, says that they are the largest cloud based software provider at this time for businesses within the health, wellness, and beauty industries. &nb
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Bitrix24, found online at Bitrix24.com, is a company who says their goal is provide companies and business with a complete suite of tools that will help your team with social collaboration,