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Galen Leather
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I love the high quality of these handmade leather portfolios. Perfect for storing everyday essentials like my iPad, notebooks, pens & phones. Great for professional meetings as it keeps
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Journelle.com is a company founded by Claire Chambers in 2007. It is based in New York, New York, USA and produces designer lingerie, with a focus on the pleasure and comfort of its clients.
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Pupsocks is a company that prints out and makes unique, customized pieces and gifts for their customers. With a passion for animals and nature, they make socks imprinted with animals such as
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Activewear has been a serious ongoing trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style yet. But, purchasing them from retailers can rack up the numbers on your credi
Clothing Under 10
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Clothing Under 10 is a company based in Florida that sells their clothing products on their website at www.clothingunder10.com. Despite their name, not all their clothes are priced below 10
Sometimes you're simply out of ideas on what gifts to get your missus on her birthday or any special occasion, and along comes the wildcard. Although the Charles & Keith brand isn&#
Torgoen Automatic Watches
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Torgoen is a Swiss watchmaking company that is based in the US. They use Swiss-made technology and sell their products to any part of the world. What sets them apart from any other watch bra
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Scott and Laura were tired of lugging around all of their electronics in purses and other bags. They realized there needed to be an easier way. In 2000, technology had just begun to be a nec
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Lunya is a luxury sleepwear brand based in California. Founded by Ashley Merrill, the brand is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and luxe pajamas you have ever worn. Their items ar
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We all have those days where we feel frumpy and not at like squishing into that little tight red dress you bought too many moons ago (and never ended up wearing) that your past self should h

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