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Animal Jam
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Animal Jam, found online at AnimalJam.com, is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors created by the National Geographic Society to help foster those rela
MoneyBright Kids
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MoneyBright Kids, found online at MoneyBrightKids.com, is an organization that says they can teach your children how to earn, save, invest, and donate money, as well as how to spend wisely,
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ABCMouse.com is a new online learning program for children in the pre-school and Kindergarten age range who want to work on and build their skills with fun and entertaining at home lessons a
The Children Learning Reading System is an at home program designed for parents who want to not only help their children learn how to read at a young age, but also give them the necessary bu
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HobbyTron.com is an online retailer which promises their customers access to a wide variety of hobby and recreational items, saying that their website is the place “where awesome happe
Bluum Box
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Bluum Box, found online at Bluum.com, is a company that promises to provide moms and babies with monthly deliveries of new, high quality products best suited to the needs of you and your chi
RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor, found online at RoomMatesDecor.com, is a company that specializes in designing and producing high quality removable and reusable peel and stick wall decals.
Kiwi Crate
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KiwiCo.com is the online home of Kiwi Crate, a monthly subscription service designed for parents and their children who are interested in having access to hands-on activities that “enc
Early Moments Book Club
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The Early Moments Book Club, found online at EarlyMoments.com, is a website that promises to provide parents and children with “the highest-quality, most enjoyable reading experiences
Project Nursery
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ProjectNursery.com is the online home of Project Nursery, a company that specializes in helping parents and parents-to-be with everything they need for nurseries, children’s rooms, and