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Lumi Dough
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Lumi Dough is an As Seen On TV product that describes itself as "the dough that glows" and which will stay glowing and usable forever. Lumi Dough is a product that may be e
Animal Jam
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Animal Jam, found online at AnimalJam.com, is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors created by the National Geographic Society to help foster those rela
Little Pim
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Little Pim, found online at LittlePim.com, is a company that says they believe all children deserve to learn a second language, especially at young ages when science has shown children have
MoneyBright Kids
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MoneyBright Kids, found online at MoneyBrightKids.com, is an organization that says they can teach your children how to earn, save, invest, and donate money, as well as how to spend wisely,
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ABCMouse.com is a new online learning program for children in the pre-school and Kindergarten age range who want to work on and build their skills with fun and entertaining at home lessons a
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Snackeez, found online at Snackeez.com, is a new product for adults and kids on the go, which allows them to hold both a sixteen ounce drink and a snack, all in one container, in one hand.
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LeapFrog, found online at LeapFrog.com, is a company that says they create award winning educational solutions for children that delight and engage them, allowing them to reach their potenti
Hot Jewels
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Hot Jewels, found online at HotJewels.com, are metallic temporary tattoos, a new beauty and fashion accessory which they say can be applied within just a few seconds "to create a dazzli
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BitsBox, found online at BitsBox.com, is a monthly subscription box company that says their goal is to teach children to learn how to code using basic cards, codes, and imaginary tablets.
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Kidokey, found online at Kidokey.com, is a new product for parents’ and children which promises to give your kids the ability to explore the internet safely and without distraction.

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