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RingCentral, found online at RingCentral.com, is a company which provides VoIP technology in order to help consumers simplify their lives and their businesses by giving them a phone system t
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Data.com is a new website from business to business data solutions company Salesforce which claims to give their customers “the best opportunities” with their unified data sou
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Hoover’s, found online at Hoovers.com, is another subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet which promises to help their customers find customized solutions to their business needs through
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InsideView, Inc is a business solutions website which promises their users they will be able to find all the business to business data they need in one place, as well as ways to use this
Sage Software
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Sage Software claims that their software gives you the “freedom and confidence” to run your business successfully, with a wide variety of business solutions that can help you
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Demandforce, found online at Demandforce.com, is a company which promises to provide small businesses with the products, tools, and solutions they need to outdo their competitors and expa
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Kabbage.com can provide the working capital to help your e-commerce business grow. They offer fast and flexible funding without the typical process used to obtain a tradition bank loan. This
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VerticalResponse.com is a marketing solution providing the necessary tools and services to help companies grow. Social media campaigns including emails, event marketing, online surveys, a
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Nextiva calls themselves the “#1 Business VoIP Phone Service Provider” with a goal of simplifying business communication by making fax services as simple as sending an email.
Affinion Group
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Affion Group, found online at CXLoyalty.com, is a company which describes themselves as a “global leader” in the designing, marketing, and servicing of solutions that address fun