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Mint.com is the online home of Mint, a budgeting program and mobile application available from Intuit that promises to give people “the entire picture” when it comes to their fin
Personal Capital
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PersonalCapital.com is the online home of Personal Capital, a company that says customers can use their free software in order to simplify their financial life as well as advice that will he
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Mvelopes, found online at Mvelopes.com, describes themselves as an award winning online envelope budgeting system which helps people get out of debt and accumulate their savings.  Ho
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YNAB is found online at YouNeedABudget.com and describes themselves as a new way for people to “gain total control” over the money spending, allowing them to cut debt and increas
Divvy Pay Expense App
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There are few things in this world that are more stressful and time-consuming than trying to manage employee expense accounts. If you run a business or work in the operations area, you know

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