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Joyable.com is a company that says everyone deserves great mental health, regardless of time and money, so they have created an online service to help people deal with their social anxiety i
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iPrevail, found online at iPrevail.com, is a company that promises their members a “personalized and confidential behavior change platform” where people can take a proactive appr
Pavlok Wristband
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The Pavlok Wristband, found online at Pavlok.com, is a new product which promises customers a simple and effective way to beat their bad habits using a psychological method called classical
7 Cups of Tea
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7 Cups of Tea, found online at 7Cups.com, is described as an “on-demand” emotional health and well-being service which does not provide professional therapy, but does give people
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BlahTherapy, found online at BlahTherapy.com, is an online service designed for people who are having a tough time and just would really like to speak with someone who is having problems lik