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Goodebox, found online at Goodebox.com, describes themselves as a members only service providing trial sized eco-sensitive, effective beauty and personal care products, and natural, organic
Conscious Box
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Conscious Box, found online at ConsciousBox.com, promises their members a monthly delivery of hand-picked products that are natural and GMO-free for them to try, love, and buy at seriously d
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Wantable, found online at Wantable.com, is a company that describes themselves as the best way to discover the latest trends in beauty and fashion with their monthly subscription box se
The Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System is a new at home teeth whitening system that promises their users the ability to not only get their teeth whiter than with most other at home s
Go Smile
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The Go Smile Whitening System is an at home teeth whitening system that says their goal is to provide their users with more of a spa like experience when whitening their teeth at home, rathe
Dermablend Professional
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Dermablend Professional is a makeup product that promises people not only the ability to create flawless looking skin, but also to help people with skin conditions and tattoos hide them at t
Shoppers Drug Mart
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Shoppers Drug Mart is the largest chain of drugstores throughout the nation of Canada, which was established in the 1960s to specialize in health products and pharmaceuticals and has since e
Jamberry Nails
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Jamberry Nails was launched in 2010 by a group of sisters that wanted to be able to give themselves and their friends a way to have home manicures as interesting and beautiful as those from
It Works!
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It Works! is a company that is most famous for selling their It Works! Wrap, a "revolutionary body contouring product" as well as other products aimed at helping people with their
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Hairfinity, found online at Hairfinity.com, is a product line from Brock Beauty that was created in 2006 in order to help customers grow stronger hair faster, using all health supplements wi

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