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Zeno Hot Spot
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Zeno has become increasingly popular and is known as the "zit zapper". It is sold in stores such as CVS, Rite-Aid, grocery stores and the likes and even has been reviewed b
Proactiv® Acne Treatment
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Proactiv is an anti-acne skincare system designed by Rodan & Fields, composed of a three step regime that claims to “stop acne before it starts” and has long been advertis
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Howard Murad, M.D., is known for the high performance skincare product line he first established in 1989. Not only does he rely on topical products, but he also uses dietary supplements a
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Obagi, found online at Obagi.com, is a line of skin care products which were initially developed in 1988 and has since grown to include products which can help anyone, of any age and any ski
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AcneFree, found online at AcneFree.com, is a skincare product line available online and in limited retail locations which promises to help people who are suffering from mild, moderate, or
Revitol Natural Skin Care
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Revitol Natural Skin Care, found at Revitol.com, is a line of skin care products available since 2002 which says that they are dedicated to providing safe and effective products that help
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Dermology, found at Dermology.com, is a line of skin care products available since 2002 whose website says their products are created with the purpose of giving people safe and effective
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ZenMed, found online at ZenMed.com, is a skin care company which claims to be at the forefront of developing Doctor formulated skin care for persistently troubled skin, while still adheri
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XOut.com is the online home of X Out, a new product from the makers of the well known Proactiv, which claims that they can help busy teenagers take control of their acne in just one step.
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According to their website, LightStim says that our bodies are like plants, in that our skin has the ability to absorb light and convert it to energy. However, unlike plants, we cannot do th

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