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Tact Watch
August 30, 2020
Definitely a scam. The Tact Watch did not function as claimed. I changed batteries twice, each lasted for about one month only not 33 months as claimed.

March 23, 2020
This watch is garbage. Like the previous review this watch lasted 1 month for me then stopped working. I used the buy one get one at 50% off. I made the mistake of buying 3 of these. Worst purchase I have ever made.

AzmiAdnan August 30, 2020

I believe this is a scam. When i switched on the watch for the first time, it lasted for about a month. I went to two watch shops after that to change the battery. Both batteries also lasted for about a month. I switched off the bluetooth function every time but with no notable difference.

T1 tacwatch rubbish scam liers
October 21, 2019
I pay 86 dollars for this crap watch and its been two month I never received the watch contact them 10 times by email no response i filled complaig form to my bank reported them a frauds scams useless don't buy never

RoyKrul February 05, 2020

This has been fraudulently advertised does not do some of t the things advertised

Smart watch.. Not very
June 20, 2019

I bought this recently direct from the manufacturer as I didn't trust the "ebay" sellers at $20-$40.

I bought this watch as a replacement for my Apple watch as I will be travelling for 5 weeks and didn't want to carry the charger due to poor battery life of the apple watch.

All I was looking for was a watch that counted steps had alarm function and would link to my Iphone.

Here is my experience,

The app that is linked used is poor. only good for up loading steps

The alarm is not really loud enough and only goes a short time if you are a deep sleeper like I am it will be easy to miss.

There is no snooze function.

Changing the time manually is a pain as there is no "backwards function"

The phone alert and message function also doesn't work properly for messages or phone calls

You can't add other messenger apps to the phone such as "hangouts" or Viber

The APP doesn't appear under the notification settings in your phone.

The alarms in the app settings don't work.

you cant't turn the beeps off

The phone doesn't stay on functions for long apart from the stop watch.

If i knew this prior I would not have bought the watch you do get what you pay for, would have thought in this day and age for A$130 there would have been a few more function or better functionality.

StevenBreach October 20, 2019

Don't pay £70-100,eBay are turning them out for £10

RoyKrul February 05, 2020

A scam does not do as advertised do not but it

AzmiAdnan August 30, 2020

Yes nothing but a scam

T1 Tact is a scam
May 27, 2019

DO NOT BUY!! It is pure china scam watch.

The watch is cheap grade and nothing of what the web has published.

Do not waste your money.

T1 Watch Scam victim

RoyKrul February 05, 2020

Is false advertising does not do as advertised

March 10, 2019


Its a crap chinese rubbish watch.

Nothing is what it says.

33 month battery lasted 3 days. Strap broke on second


It doesnt connect to S9 phone.

There is no stainless steel on it.

Its a BS lie.

It takes 8 weeks to get delivered.

Its plastic with pretend buttons that don't function.

Don't touch it.

ErlieManzanares July 07, 2019

Its really a smart move to find some comments and review before buying things online!

AzmiAdnan August 30, 2020

Warning ... don't buy. For that price, this watch is definitely a crap. I felt cheated and very angry.

Scam - Beware
March 2, 2019
This is a scam. The watch is faulty. It stops working after 2 weeks and then you cannot get support. Do not buy this watch.

T1 Tact Watch March 10, 2019

False Statement. You did not make a purchase from us. The problem is there's a ton of counterfeit vendors online and people are confusing their fake/replica watch with an authentic. You did not buy a watch from our website.

T1 Tact Watch March 10, 2019

False reply. You never purhcased a watch from us.

You purchased a counterfeit watch from vendor of fakes.

The official T1 Tact Website has customer service on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. We also have an email address for all on our client list : [email protected]

There's tons of sites and ebay/amazon vendors using our trademark without authorization. Contact their website hosts, contact [email protected] , contact amazon to let them know you were scammed.

It was not by us however. Do not confuse us with a fake /replica watch seller.

T1 Tact Watch March 10, 2019

Apology. This comment came to our email box for some reason as a page that represents our brand. We are not affiliated with HyperTech by any means.

T1 Tact Watch March 10, 2019

This is not the official brand website. Do not be fooled by ReviewoPedia or others. We have no affiliation to HyperTech

ErlieManzanares July 07, 2019

How do we know that the T1 Watch im planning to buy is authentic?