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About Sylvan Learning Center

The Sylvan Learning Center is a tutoring center available in locations nationwide which claims to provide your son or daughter with the help they need to address their academic needs and reach their goals.

Sylvan says that their success comes from understanding that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to helping children learn and succeed. Therefore, their tutoring programs are custom tailored to fit your child.

First, your child will be assessed through standardized testing, diagnostic tools, and personal interviews. Then a learning plan will be created personally for them, which will be used by their teachers to keep your child engaged and motivated.

Throughout your child’s program, Sylvan promises that ongoing evaluations will take place and updates to the program will be made. This is intended to ensure your child is always challenged, but never has complaints of frustration or being overwhelmed.

Different Sylvan Learning Centers throughout the US have different costs for both their skills assessments, which generally range between $149 and $199, and their tutoring programs.

The cost of a program is determined by length, subjects, hourly instruction cost, and the payment schedule that best fits your family's needs. Sylvan also offers a student loan program with affordable monthly payment options.

In addition, the Sylvan Learning Center offers a Guarantee which says that your child's math or reading skills will improve by one full grade level equivalent in 36 hours of instruction, or you will receive 12 hours of instruction free.

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Excellent Service
November 16, 2012
We tried private tutors for years. It was Sylvan that finally determined the problem and provided the solution. I appreciated the fact they worked so closely with my child's classroom teacher. We all of us working together my child is in honors classes for the first time in their academic career.