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About Swap.com

Everyone loves shopping for clothes, especially if it’s the shopping sales season. However, even with the unbelievable discounts, some of our most favorite items can be rather expensive. Fortunately, thrift shops do exist, and they take off the burden of cost off your shoulders when you get on a shopping spree.

Thrift shops sell used items that are still in good condition, giving you a chance to save up and find hidden gems among the thrifted items. Among the most popular online thrift websites is Swap.com, a new thrift website that has been gaining popularity.

Swap.com allows you to sell your unused items and hunt for rare apparel at very discounted prices. The company highly values discovery, promising that you will find new items here everyday.

Its business model also allows for a greater degree of reuse in your household. Finally, it offers high-quality products at very discounted prices, allowing you to get what you want without any hesitation. The company is based in Bolingbrook, IL. 



Swap.com is a thrift website, so its products are mostly used items that are still in good conditions. Most of these items are apparels, for men, women, and kids. There are also other miscellaneous items for sale as well.

Women apparel accounts for most of the items on sale. The kinds of products available vary from season to season, but most essential items like blouses, shirts, jeans, dresses are available throughout the years. There is also a subsection for junior women, and themed collections such as florals, Bohemians, glitter, sequins, and metallic,etc.

For men, even though the total number of items can be fewer than that of women, the items here are no less exciting. Jeans and shirts are among the most popular items in this section, and if you are lucky, you might chance upon a used Calvin Klein shirt that is still in pristine condition.

There are also shoes from famous brands such as Skechers or Nike as well, so you might dig up hidden gems in this section.

The kids section offers many choices of bodysuits, jumpsuits, and sweaters for kids at various ages. Like the women’s section, the kids section also has many intricate collections for you to choose from.

Unlike many other thrift websites where you can expect only apparels on their site, Swap.com does include some other interesting items. There are a lot of toys for your kids, including vintage toys that are no longer in production. You could also find art and craft on this website.

Most of them are arts for children, so your kids will certainly take a liking of the inventory of this website. Finally, for bookworms and cinephiles, there is a whole section dedicated to used books and movies at bargain prices.

How Does it Work?

Swap.com relies on consignment, which is kind of like a middleman service. Sellers who would like to sell their used items will send their items to Swap.com. Swap.com then resells these items to buyers at very discounted prices.

How to sell an item on Swap.com? To sell an item, you must first print out prepaid shipping label or request an inbound box and send your items to Swap.com. They will then check the items and let you know which items are eligible and the prices for the accepted items.

Once the items have been sold, the site will send you a confirmation email to let you know and you will earn your cash.


Swap.com is a thrift shop, so naturally, the prices are surprisingly low. For apparels, you can get a piece for as low as $2.80. Even the more expensive items are mostly cheap compared to normal standards. Most do not exceed $20.

Shoes can be the most expensive items on the site, but even so, they rarely go beyond $100. For male office workers, a pair of oxfords can cost merely $15.

Customer Service

Swap.com is headquartered in Bolingbrook, but there are also offices in Chicago and Helsinki, Finland. Their phone number is 630-296-0146. If you should need to contact them, there is a contact form on their website for your perusal.

Swap.com accepts returns within 30 days after the purchase. If you are not satisfied with your order, simply print a FedEx label and ship the shipment back to Swap.com’s office. You will then receive remuneration in two forms.

If you return an item because you changed your mind, you will be refunded with store credits. If the items were faulty or did not fit the description, then you will receive payments instead.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Swap is praised online for its large and impressive collections of items. There are bits of everything for everyone, not just large brand names. The service is convenient as well, and the website is notable for its user-friendly design.

However, recently, it has come under fire as refunds were slow and some items were misbranded. People also complained about Swap.com’s packaging, which is all plastic, and its pricing, which can be unfair for popular brands.

Competitors and Alternatives

Swap.com is not the only one in this business. There are other competitors as well, such as ThredUp and Poshmark. Vs ThredUp, Swap.com has a noticeable larger selection, but ThredUp does have a calculator for you to see how much you will sell. Vs Poshmark, Swap.com is less convenient, but the prices on Poshmark does not seem to catch up with Swap.com.

Where to Buy?

Swap.com currently offers only online services. There is no brick-and-mortar shop for the brand at the moment. The online shop can be found at Swap.com.


Shopping has never been easier. Swap’s selection is wide, and there are so many sales and clearances. Granted, some items are faulty and the description is not always right, but with such cheap prices, it is hard to pass by without ordering an item or two.

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absolutely a scam
September 23, 2020

This company used to be fine, but no longer.

They currently owe me $70 for an order they randomly cancelled but kept the money for. No email about it, no contact whatsoever, they just cancelled the order for no reason and kept my money.

Customer service is absolutely heartless and does not care even a little bit. Save yourself the grief of dealing with these people and buy from a real shop, in person. This company just doesn't care about you in the slightest.