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Nature vacations are one of the best ways to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. There is nothing like enjoying good conversation and maybe a glass of wine around a cozy campfire. Unfortunately, lighting said campfire can often be a challenge!

Lighting fires during bad weather, in particular, can be impossible. You might suffer from total failure - or worse, some burns!

Enter the Survivalighter: a USB-charged lighter that uses special technology to solve all your lighting woes whether you are at home, camping, or on the road.

How Does It Work?

The Survivalighter is 100% electric and requires no fuel.

Additionally, it can produce a light even in unfavorable conditions, specifically rain, wind, or other imperfect weather conditions. American Family Survival, the creators of the Survivalighter, even claim that the lighter can produce a flame when sprayed with water and can light up pretty much anything as it heats up to over 1800 degrees.

It also charges quickly and maintains a long battery life.

The Survivalighter promises a lot of amazing things including its high-quality and its ability to provide both windproof & waterproof lighting capabilities. These are major selling points for customers who always want to be prepared.

Purchasing the device may be particularly tempting for customers who have experienced issues with other lighters or who have found themselves in situations where they may have benefited from a good quality lighter on a camping trip or other nature excursion.

Cost and Price Plans

If you are interested in purchasing this device, you are in luck because these lighters are currently on sale! The pricing details are as follows. For one Survivalighter, you would usually be charged $59.99, but with the current sale, you only pay $29.95. This saves you 50%!

For two lighters, you would normally pay $120.00, but the current sale has them discounted to $49.99, which saves you 68%! For three Survivalighters, you would usually pay $180.00, but with the current sale, you are only charged $69.95. This saves you 73%!

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for a good quality lighter to take with you on all your excursions, there are options besides the Survivalighter.

For example, you might consider buying a Zippo lighter. The Zippo is a quintessential lighter and has been around for years. It can be used for a variety of lighting needs, including lighting cigarettes, candles, stoves, campfires, etc. Further, the Zippo lighter is windproof, comes in a variety of colors, and can be used practically forever as it is refillable. A Zippo lighter can be purchased for $16.46 on Amazon Prime.

Another option is the UCO Stormproof Torch, which is designed to be waterproof, windproof, and refillable. Additionally, it is high-quality & durable. The UCO Stormproof Torch has a 3/5-star rating on Amazon. Some customers have great things to say about the product. Many claim that it is a “good torch,” “it is working well,” and some praise it as a “quality survival lighter.”

Unfortunately, other customers were far less satisfied, with some saying that the UCO Stormproof Torch “failed to light when we really needed it,” or “the flame is spotty and not consistent.” One customer said that overall, “this is a very poor-quality lighter.” The UCO Stormproof Torch costs $16.18 if you want to purchase the version that includes emergency utility tape or $21.95 if you would like to buy the one that includes a bottle opener.

A final option is the Tesla Coil Lighter. This one is available for $16.99 and has a few color selections from which you can choose. Like the Survivalighter, it is rechargeable via USB. Additionally, it boasts a long battery life and can last up to a week without needing to be recharged. Amazon customers seem pleased with the product, giving it a 4.2/5-star rating. Reviewers claim that the Tesla Coil Lighter “charges in 30-45 min,” is windproof, and that the product is an “inexpensive and efficient lighter.”

Customer Service

If you have a question about the product, you can reach out via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 833.955.2655. There is also a “contact us” form on the website that will put you in touch with someone from the team.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find reviews of the Survivalighter. One Vimeo reviewer does note that the product is “amazing,” and that “[he] was just blown away by the quality of this thing.”

The catch is that this review is directly attached to an order form & sales page for the product, which does not inspire confidence that this reviewer was not compensated for his positive review. Further adding to the suspicion is that the Survivalighter does not have other easily accessible reviews either on the company website or across the internet.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the product directly through their website or through this order form.

Is It Worth It?

Unfortunately, the lack of verified customer reviews makes the product difficult to recommend. While the price point is not exorbitant, it is still priced higher than many other lighters on the market.

Many of the popular lighters boast excellent reviews from various customers, which automatically boosts their credibility when compared to the Survivalighter.

If you are on the market for a quality lighter to bring along on your next camping or road trip, you may want to look elsewhere - the Survivalighter may not be as bright as it seems.

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Great Lighter

August 21, 2020

I really like this lighter. It is well thought out,well built, and has a built in (very bright) flashlight. It has a safety latch so the top doesn't open until it is released, and that is great to have because it can't operate by accident. It does get very hot and gives a slight odor similar to arc welding. The lighter has a protective covering that will keep it from breaking if dropped. It also comes with a lanyard to hang it by. I do recommend this lighter. I'm going to purchase a few more for others in my family.

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