Survival Seeds 4 Patriots Reviews, the online home of Survival Seeds 4 Patriots, is a website from Frank Bates which explains why he believes everyone should be prepared for a nationwide food shortage and what to do about it.

According to Frank Bates, who is also the founder and spokesman of Power 4 Patriots, there is a real threat of food shortage within the United States due to “Big Food” corporations and the US government not properly preparing for a crisis.

Bates goes on to say that in a disaster or crisis, people panic and hoard food, and that it only takes an average of three days to completely empty the entire inventory of a large grocery store.

If you want to be prepared for such a food shortage in case of natural or man made disaster, Survival Seeds 4 Patriots claims they can help anyone create their own “Survival Garden” to feed their family.

The Survival Seeds 4 Patriots package includes a Seed Vault, containing over 5,400 heirloom, non-genetically modified seeds that can provide your family with nutrient rich food.

Frank Bates says these fruit and vegetable seeds have been specifically selected because of their ability to grow almost anywhere in America.

The package also includes four bonus guides: a report explaining the value of the seeds, a Survival Guide to Canning and Preserving, a Survival Garden Guide, and a guide to the Top 10 Items Sold Out After a Crisis.

While the regular retail price of this package is $197, the website says that it is currently selling at $67 for a limited time, or until supplies run out.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Survival Seeds 4 Patriots reviews below.

Survival Seeds 4 Patriots Customer Reviews

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Complainers aren't Readers
June 9, 2019

I have been ordering from 4Patriots for a few years now.

If you read the ad it tells you exactly what you are ordering and paying.

They do try to up-sell other products.

If you got more than what you think you ordered, then you didn't read before clicking.

ALSO, they stand beside their products. If you aren't satisfied, call them. They will replace or refund.

Being aggressive and bad mouthing the company that has guarantees, as 4Patriots does, is unjustified.

rip off
September 30, 2014

ordering, paying, shipping, delivery. all went smooth. This spring we started going through the seed packets to get our garden started. Some of the packets (tomato's for example) only had 8 seeds. Packs for wheat and barley types had 50 plus. But the biggest part of the ripoff is that less than 5% of everything we planted even germinated, and the few things that did gave little or no crops at all. Lucky we had seed from my grandpa or we would have had no crops this year.

Will Wallace November 27, 2015

What a crock of crap this is. Another one of those long build it up cases to get primed for the purchase. Companies like this that can't be up front with customers, should be a warning for you to stay away,

Recurring charges
December 2, 2013
I received my order but one month later had a recurring charge on my credit card. Nothing was mentioned about subscription and recurring charges. I would not buy anything for these people.

Graymalkin January 09, 2015

Website clearly stated, in large, bold print, "$27.00 Today, $27.00 in 30 days" right above the "Add To Cart" link.

Reading and comprehension must be a real challenge for some people.

November 13, 2013

I am being charged Twice for what I bought. This is the second month.. I couldn't get ahold of you any other way so I'm trying this./.... I want this problem taken care of [email protected]!!!!

Thank you julie hedden

I haven't been able to get a hold of them in any form!!!!!!!

Terry G November 13, 2013

I also was charged twice and I also could not get a hold of anyone. I hope this was just an error but at any rate i would also like this matter expidited.

Michael B November 15, 2013

I did not even order any of these and yet my credit card is going to be charged $27.00 in a months time. Like you I have not been able to contact a human being.

Debbie R December 02, 2013

I haven't been able to reach them either. Think I will contact Attorney General in Texas and report scam.

Graymalkin January 09, 2015

Yeah, "$27.00 Today, $27.00 in 30 days" in bold print sure is confusing. Also, I called the number on the website (615-208-3027), and spoke with customer service after holding for around one minute. So, yeah, this sounds like a job for an the authorities: "Hello, Attorney General? I'd like to report a company because I apparently don't know how to use a telephone!"

order arrived as presented on web
November 7, 2013

Seeds arrived in hermetically sealed package,

Website stated $27 initial charge with a $27 follow up charge in one month. Bonus books were for download via pdf file after order.

GLENN D November 19, 2013

Your exactly right, if these people complaining would take the time to read what they ordering, instead of falsely accusing this company of scamming customers. I ordered the seed vaults and it tells you that you will be charged $27.00 now and $27.00 in 30 days. It also explains that you will receive the guides in pdf (download mode). I received exactly what they described and was charged what they said i would be charged. I have not had any problems contacting food4patriots, i did contact them about their 3 month food supply because i wanted to purchase another and the customer service advised me that they had a special price that had just began and she actually gave me the new price which was $100.00 cheaper and they credited my card the $100.00. They did not have to tell me about the new pricing and secondly did not have to go back to my earlier purchase and apply. I have received everything they said i would with my purchases and i am extremely satisfied in knowing if some emergency crisis or whatever happens, i will have what it takes to feed my family. I am also thankful to food4patriots for bringing this info. To my attention and for having the products and help that they offer! Dont be so quick to accuse and read & check out what these people are telling you and what they are offering. If it is not for you, so be it,but they are not holding a gun to your head to purchase, there just trying to give people the info. And the means that they can help themselves in the case of a disaster, if it occurs, if not what have you lost. I know that i feel relived that if something does happen, i will be able to take care of my family. Again i say, thank you to food4patriots for all your help! Very satisfied customer! Glenn davis baton rouge, louisiana

Naomi J November 29, 2013

Will they refund my money when I refuse to accept them or send them back. I thought I was just ordering the free pack for $1.95 to try them out, I cannot afford that much money. I was charged over $100.00. I am very afraid.

Again Not a Scam
November 6, 2013

You people aren't listening, the order SAYS you will be charged another $27, they are telling you that. How is that a scam? Also who needs to print out PDF books???? Just freakin keep them on your computer, read them on your screen? Don't use paper and ink... they are ahead of you in their thinking, why ship paper to you or even consider printing? Duh.. Also agree with seed quality mentioned above.

Maybe you can get a lot of that info for free, but for the money it is not worth my time to search for it all.

Lynn Terrell July 08, 2014

I heard the part about the additional $27 dollars before I made my buying decision. I received all of my products. Very well packaged and even spoke to a very nice customer service lady who upgraded my e-books to real copies and mailed them to me without extra charge or shipping fees. The products I received were enough food to last for 30 days and it was shipped properly and promptly, well packaged, nicely labeled and an appropriate amount of food for the cost paid. I spend over $200 a week sometimes for food that will last only 1 week. While I have purchased a 4-week supply for the cost of approximately 1 week. Extremist and people who are out of balance are into everything, however, wisdom in setting food back that last for five years is worth it when you can get it and do it. It gives you a sense of self-reliancy, security and protection for your family. My husband wanted to do this and I agreed that it was better to do it and not better to sit around waiting on government issued stuff in lack in case of a natural disaster. We were Katrina victims and the wait alone for water was very painful for us because I was recovering from bodily injuries and it would have been much better to have had a more survivalist mentality before that would have happened. Balance is the key. I do not expect any additional charges after the charges for our seeds and our tomatoes. It would be helpful if the company would send a detailed statement or invoice laying out the charges that were agreed to over the phone when they send the actual packages just as follow up and therefore persons would not forget what they agreed to and could place them in line for payment in order to expect the additional charges. Great customer service always produces return customers.

Do not want anything else.
November 5, 2013

I received my free tomato seeds and was charged the shipping which is OK. I just don't want anything else charged to my account or shipped to me. Please stop any shipments and if already shipped I will return to you unopened. Please take my name, address and Visa Information off your records.

Thanks, Nancy Kline

Debbie R December 02, 2013

Totally agree! SCAM big time.

Keith Jones June 08, 2014

Well I ordered my one month supply and I am please to say that I received it in a reasonable time and everything I ordered was there. I also was charged the amount that was was suppose to have been. I really did not need any more as I only have 3 in my family and I have at least a 6 month stockpile of food even before I ordered it.. With 3 people it should last 5-6 weeks and the month supply if I remembered was for a family of 4

Number 1 issue water
November 4, 2013
Biggest issue no one is answering who holds the water rights do you think if we are in a crisis seeds are number one issue nope its water. You need water to feed your plants and in a crisis either you drink the water or use it to water your crop. Water, food and shelter. Patriot water 2.00 a gallon act now

unrelivale place
October 16, 2013
got crap ordered i didn't order,the way the web site is set up stinks, i am goin to cancel 2 of the3 that came in.

LOUIS S October 26, 2013



LOU SANSEVERO "[email protected]

Eugene k November 03, 2013

in oct I ordered your seeds packet for $27.00 and now u are billing me for another $27.00 in november, I want to know why and I want you to cancel that please, if the transaction goes thru I expect you to refund my money because I did not make a second order

Echo November 23, 2013

did you read everything about ordering?? i did so i knew that there were 2 charges.

got exactly what i ordered and the charges that i expected.....

Is there a negative rating-I will give them nothing positive.
October 7, 2013

Survival Seed for Patriots is a SCAM. They lie about their pricing from the beginning. literally change the contract. Advertise free books to go with their free shipping, but the books aren't really free because you have to copy them yourself They stole $27.00 dollars out of our account. They give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in the next 30 days, as if anybody could be planting and growing a garden after receiving your seeds the end of July. They are crooks, prey on people's fears and are as dishonest as the government. Quit honestly, I am concerned about the quality of their seeds because they are such dishonest people. There are many more things, such as saying they would answer me without within a certain time period, and then not doing that-three times at least. THEY MAKE ME SO MAD. I can document every lie they told. Government officials better move out of the way because SurvivalSeeds4Patriots is on the way to take their place. CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GLENN D November 19, 2013

You need to read the advertisement in what it cost and what is offered! I ordered the same seed offer. It says $27.00 now and $27.00 in 30 days. It also tells you that you will receive the books in pdf format to download on your computer. I also purchased the 3 month food supply and was very satisfied in what i was sent! I received it when they said i would, it was shipped with no shipping charges to me and it was shipped in nice packaging and the containers holding the food were nice & strong. The food products inside were as described, very nice! Glenn davis-baton rouge, louisiana

Debbie R December 02, 2013

Don't care about the advertisement. You can't reach them to ask any questions much less order additional items.

September 23, 2013

Flash: the Obama administration has ordered stockpiling of air. you can buy my "Air-4-Patriots" kit for $49.95 which includes a Mason jar, lid, instructional DVD, and bonus features that includ the role of Ufos in global warming, the cookie-backedzombification of govt leaders, and reveals the details of the Kennedy assassination. Order today!!

Cindy D October 07, 2013

Survival Seed for Patriots is a SCAM. They lie about their pricing from the beginning. literally change the contract. Advertise free books to go with their free shipping, but the books aren't really free because you have to copy them yourself They stole $27.00 dollars out of our account. They give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in the next 30 days, as if anybody could be planting and growing a garden after receiving your seeds the end of July. They are crooks, prey on people's fears and are as dishonest as the government. Quit honestly, I am concerned about the quality of their seeds because they are such dishonest people. There are many more things, such as saying they would answer me without within a certain time period, and then not doing that-three times at least. THEY MAKE ME SO MAD. I can document every lie they told. Government officials better move out of the way because SurvivalSeeds4Patriots is on the way to take their place. CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy D October 07, 2013

Dishonest bunch of crooks!

Where the "H" is the bonus reports
September 21, 2013
Have gone online and cant't find the bonus reports and canning instructions. Will return the seeds unless reports made available!!!

Cindy D October 07, 2013

Don't ya know-The FREE BONUS BOOKS are free for you to copy every single stinkin page at your expense. They finally apologized for the "misunderstanding of the free booklets and said they would out of the kindness of their heart send it to me. They did and guess what the same day they STOLE $27.00 out of our account!!! By the way, the only thing you get after 30 days is an extra $27.00 charge because after that period of time, they assume you are satisfied and you pay them the rest of the money $27.00-----Even though in the beginning you pay in full-I REALLY HATE THESE PEOPLE!

Ms. K October 30, 2013

Thank you for the warning.

Such a rip off
September 10, 2013

This is total bull&*% any video that forces you to watch for what seems to be forever is just trying to brain wash you into there scam. Just go and buy seeds for next to nothing if you want to start your own garden and the books they give you, you can download for free on the internet.


Cindy D October 07, 2013

It is totally a scam. Besides scamming you-did they steal money out of your bank account like they did ours?

Ms. K October 30, 2013

Thank you for the warning.

Company is legit
September 2, 2013
I tried to take advantage of the offer for tomato seeds if I just paid for shipping $1.95 I got an invoice right away saying my card would be billed $27 now and $27 in 30 days. That's not what I signed up for and called their toll free number. The CSR cleared up the matter to my satisfaction in a professional manner. This company is not a rip off but read offer carefully.

Cindy D October 07, 2013

The change the paperwork. The first set of paperwork it tells you it is the full price. The second set, they say 27 then and now. I have them both.

Doya T October 07, 2013

Why do you want me to keep saying how much I hate these people?

Ms. K October 30, 2013

Thank you for the "heads up".

Naomi J November 29, 2013

I did the same thing. I hope you are correct and I get it cleared up in a professional manner.

July 8, 2013

People, it states when you purchase that you will be charged $27 originally, and another $27 in 30 days. This is not a rip off, you just need to read all of the instructions when purchasing products. Also the free booklets are in PDF format that come up and made available when you are done with the purchase. It looks like more advertising, but if you take the time to look closely, you will see they are the free bonus you were promised on this site. It is rather simple, you need to take the time to read throughly what you are purchasing, and what it states after the purchase.

PS the packaging slip in the package, also states that you will be charged another $27 in 30 days. This is not a rip off, just need to READ!

Len w July 17, 2013

i agree-read-but i did-i ordered the rutgers tomatoe seeds for 1.95 shipping. in order to order i went some 8 pages of the best negative opting in sales ive ever seen. by denying each one a new one pops up. finally the end is reached and my seeds are ordered. no mention of 67.00 in any page. only when received is there a vault with a note saying i will be charged 67.00 or return to the usa at my expense. very slick the ultimate in negative ordering made illegal here in canada.i emailed comany. we shall see. meantime the credit card is locked out.

Dawn September 27, 2013

It is a scam. Seed cost 1 to 3 dollars at walmart and a gardening book will cost you 5 to 10 dollars

DeeDee September 30, 2013

Dawn, You claim it's scam because you found seed at a cheaper price? Seeds are not created alike. There are germination rates, genetic parameters, various genus. moisture levels, storage containers, the extremes to which the seed were exposed. I bought several packs of seeds from survivalessentials on ebay. Their seed banks are wonderful. Seeds are not created equal.. We humans can harm them easily.

Unauthorized charge
June 17, 2013
One month after purchasing the vaults, I was again charged another 27.00 on my credit card. I've sent numerous emails with no response. This company is a rip off and will charge you and not give your money back. *****WARNING**** Stay away!

Cat July 01, 2013

Same thing happened to me. I called and they said the original purchase was $54.00 dollars. First charged $27.00 and then another 30 days later. This was NOT explained and wouldn't refund my money!! RIP OFF! Stay away. I have found that EVERY company who wants your CC info up front and not at the end is shady!!

Bob August 09, 2013

It clearly states that $27.00 will be charged now and $27.00 in 30 days. There is no Rip- off.

MightyBiffer September 20, 2013

If it clearly stated this than people would not have missed it. Clear means clear not slightly obscured but there,

Cindy D October 07, 2013

YES, YES, YES........An unauthorized charge of 27.00.........Thank you. They are crooks and need to be turned in to the BBB, internet fraud, mail fraud and all their advertisers who as supposed to be honest men, should quit taking their blood money.

Naomi J November 29, 2013

I was just charged over 100 dollars can I get it back?

February 16, 2013

I received my Survivalseed4patriots and accoding to the letter I receiveved I was instructed to go to the web site to claim my free bonus. I was understaning that I would reieved these books when I purchased the seeds and I need help on how to get the bonus

Barbara W February 28, 2013

You said to go to this site and I would be able to download all the free bonus reports. Where are they????

Crispy March 04, 2013

It takes a little while after you receive your seeds before the site recognizes your purchase and allows you to access the bonus--my experience as a buyer.

Dan March 14, 2013

How long?

Lace May 09, 2013

Shouldn't be too long at all. I received the bonus info via email I believe. I just got my seeds today, and I don't think it was earlier than the end of March when I ordered the free heirloom tomato seeds. I think it took maybe 3 weeks of processing due to the items being free, save for shipping, and the demand. Considering it was free, I don't see the wait being that long.

Ray M May 12, 2013

I got my seeds, but where are the bonus books? I was supposed to get them with the seeds? How To can and Preserve them?

D B May 17, 2013

The bonus books were just download them from the Survivalseed4patriot site. The first came with the order confirmation; it seems as though the others came 2 days apart following the order. Check you "trash" if you did not find them; the order came under the following name:

Frank Bates [email protected] via

Hope that helped

William h May 27, 2013

I too, did not receive my bonus books. How come ?

Len w July 17, 2013

the books are pdfs you download after they get you. bonus i had offerd was rutgers tomato seeds for 1.95 shipping.

Ruzaco July 21, 2013

I was thinking of ordering when I decided to see if there were any negative reviews. They tell you up front that they will bill your immediately for $27.00 and after 30 days will bill you for another $27.00 giving you a chance to return the purchase. I don't understand what the rip off is. I would not be ordering anything else. If someone else has a legitimate grievance I would like to hear it before placing my order. Thanks

Dawn September 27, 2013

Why would spend that much money for seeds??

DeeDee September 30, 2013

Obviously not you. Good seeds of the correct development for your Region are very valuable. Oh! MY! I'm responding to a pessimistic troll! I've got some great seeds, that you wouldn't appreciate.

Cindy D October 07, 2013

Why do you give them 4 stars for ripping you off??? You have to use all youpaper and your ink in order to get the free booklets. Bunch of crooks and DeeDee do you work for them.

Sunny R November 05, 2013

Thank god I read this review. I was going to try to buy 72 hours package, just to see how it taste, The markets should not advertise this crooks.

Thanks for you all. !!!