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Survival Life is a company that provides its members with articles, newsletters, books, tools, and resources all focused on being prepared to withstand and survive any sort of natural or economic disaster people may find themselves in. 

Right now they offering something called the "Free Credit Card Knife" to visitors who are willing to pay the minor Shipping and Handling cost. 

How Does It Work?

Most of the information available on their website is free to browse and read, but they also offer items for purchase on their website for customers who may be interested. 

The Free Credit Card Knife they are currently offering is described as having the size and weight of a credit card and can be unfolded in just a moment.

It has a surgical steel blade that is both durable and rust free, as well as a protective hand guard helps you grip and stops the blade from slipping and a built in safety sheath to prevent accidents. 

Cost & Price Plans

The costs of the various items for sale at Survival Life will vary depending on what you are receiving, but the current offer regarding the Free Credit Card Knife is that all you need to pay is $2.95 Shipping and Handling.

There is no information regarding a free trial or potential future payments. 

Refund Policy

According to their website, the majority of items they sell on their website come with a 45 day Refund Policy except in certain cases when items have a 60 day Refund Policy. 

As for the Credit Card Knife, since it is free and the only costs associated with it are for Shipping and Handling, there does not seem to be any possible refund process for this item.

Customer Service Contact Info

There is an email address, [email protected], available for customers who need to issue a comment or complaint, as well as a traditional mailing address of 4330 Gaines Ranch Rd., Suite 120 Austin TX, 78735 and a phone number of 512-366-3332. 


Survival Life and it's Free Credit Card Knife both seem to have fairly positive reviews, with happy customers that don't seem to have much to complain about.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites out there that offer information on survival issues, but no others that seem to be offering a comparable product to the credit card knife right now. 

If you have any experience with Survival Life or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Survival Life Customer Reviews

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Stay away from them they are shady
April 20, 2021

I ordered a product over 3 months ago for a axe. I still haven't received it. There is no true way to contact them other than email (imagine that). When I asked about it they identified like everyone else the order is delayed.

Please allow an additional 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Stay away from ordering anything from them. These are common tactics to either never deliver or when they do you get something totally obscure that it's so far out from the charge they cant reverse the changes.

Total scam!
August 13, 2019

A month after placing three orders I inquired why they had not shipped yet (according to their website) and was told their shipping window is 6-8 weeks. After waiting a total of 8 weeks and one day my orders still were showing as not shipped so again I asked why. I was told that one order was shipped a month ago and received at my post office. Complete fraudulent lie as my post office had not received it and their own website showed it as not shipped.

I have requested refunds for all three orders and have only seen one to date. They now ignore my messages so my lawyer is involved.

you'd be better off signing a contract with Lucifer
May 9, 2019
they lost my order and said they'd never heard of me...I went straight to my bank...avoid these foreigners

Batteries for life
February 1, 2017

I ordered that item on Dec. 6/16 and have order # 5FR74DEN from and sent them multiple e-mails which they have answered a few but the 2 they have not bothered.So here they are listed below.

Jan 27 at 3:33 PM

Hi, Well another week has gone by and I still did not receive my purchase. I think it has been lost during Christmas extra buzy time for the carriers. I really want and need the BATTERY FOR LIFE ITEM that I already paid for. Now we must make some kind of a deal, What would it cost me for you to ship me another one ? And if the first one ever comes in I will keep both and let you know whatever happens.This situation has to end . A refund is out of the question I want the product and if I end up with

2 one will be a gift for my partner.

January 5, 2016
Same as EVERYONE else (except the 1 tool that posted a 5 star & probably works there!). I ordered the everstryke match. $ gone, no product. Emailed & called. Empty promises & bullsh!t. This company is a HUGE SCAM. BEWARE!!! BBB gave them an "F" rating.

The BBB has issued a WARNING on this company
December 7, 2015
I was going to order their Everstryke Permanent Match from a FB ad. I am so glad I thought to research the company a little first. This link shows a warning on the BBB's website - in big red letters. I protected my personal information, as well as my bank card, by doing a quick Google search that took about 30 seconds.

SCAM! Don't do it!
September 23, 2015

On Sept. 8th, I placed an order and only had to the shipping which was minimal. However, I was charged twice for shipping that day. I called, no answer of course, called and called. I finally sent an email, they replied several days later, but never credited my account. Oh, I also NEVER received the item. Today I checked my account as I do everyday thankfully. I had an unauthorized charge for $19.95. I called on hold forever and ever, nobody ever picked up. Now I'm in the process of canceling my credit card! Not a happy lady today.



A Touch ofCountry Vacations March 25, 2019

Ditto! Sent for a knife from Survial life. Paid by CC. Never recieved the product but got billed for a subscription that I never signed up for. $19.95 per month for the next 995 months. Apparently there is a box hidden in the form that you are supposed to "uncheck" to cancel the subscription. Going to stop payment via cc company and never use this company again.. Major scam.

You're not going to be happy!
August 19, 2015
I ordered 8 items on 7/16 & 7/17/15 & waited 21 business days without result (they charged my credit cards & I paid for the goods the day they were ordered). I called on 8/18/15 asking where my orders were. I was advised that they had a tracking number (never provided) but that the items were sold out. I asked when they'd be available without result. I demanded a refund which they agreed to provide. To my dismay, however, I discovered I had been charged $19.95 twice .unknowingly. I await the credit to my credit card. I was offended by the practice this firm engages in of unknowingly charging its customers $19.95 per order received without ever disclosing the fact that it will be doing so and without the customer's knowledge or permission. This is a deceptive, offensive & unethical practice which honest merchants do not engage in. Accordingly, BE WARNED THAT YOU"LL BE CHARGED IMPROPERLY & YOU WILL NOT BE ADVISED OF SUCH CHARGES. OTHER REVIEWS MANIFEST THE FACT THAT THIS IS THIS MERCHANTS REGULAR CONDUCT. BEWARE!!!!!

Cool products, but watch your bank account carefully....
June 17, 2015
All their products so far have been really cool and work great. The most I've paid up front for any of them is a $4.95 s&h fee. The problem is when month after month they start charging you $19.95. If you call to ask about the charge they tell you it's for your monthly membership and when you say you never signed up for nor agreed to pay a membership fee, they don't argue because nowhere on their site does it talk about it. They say they will cancel the recurring charges no problem and if you ask them to refund the first membership charge, they will. It takes 5-7 days to get your money back. So basically they have a pretty good scam going for themselves, I'm sure there are tons of people that never notice the $19.95 charge, but I on the other hand check my account almost daily. At least if you're on top of it you can get cool stuff for cheap!

Deceptive People.
June 6, 2015

Yeah screw these people, i just cancelled my re-curring payment which some how evaded my transaction history, tried to charge me $50 for something that was supposed to be $5 .........

That was deceptive and now they will be hacked by me in the near future. :)

Ken Madsen
April 7, 2015
Every time I turn around I find I'm being charged a monthly fee of $19.95 on my credit card. I never authorized this charge and there [email protected] does not even work. I will no longer order from them again because this is the 3rd time they have started charging my credit card. I've had it no more.

Kelly September 23, 2015

Cancel your credit card, that's what I had to do. Crazyness!

Never A Problem
March 3, 2015
I have been doing business with Survival Life for about a year and have never had an issue. Everything delivered as promised, and all items have been described accurately. I'm sure they, as any other company, can screw up, but I haven't experienced that from them.

Scott August 19, 2015

Have you checked your credit cards used to order the original products to see if subsequent charges were made by Survival Life on them after the orders were paid for? I suggest you do so; I think you're in for an unpleasant surprise!! Scott

They screw the general public
January 28, 2015
I placed an order on 12/02/14,for numerous items for CHRISTMAS. As of today I have yet to receive all items ordered and paid for, still waiting on 1 water bottle. I was told the other bottle would be shipped out to me as soon as it is back in stock. I call 3 weeks later to confirm it was back in stock, it was. I was told it was being shipped out, waited 2 more weeks and still have not received water bottle. Call today 1/28/15 and it is out of stock again and was not shipped out 2 weeks ago, so they are suppose to reimburse my account in 3-5 days. We will see. Here is some phone #s some of you may be interested in to call directly since the number on their site does not go through and they will not return messages. Call to contact Harry-512) 900-2493 & James Boswell 521)961-1078 maybe you will have better luck.

Arlene Elizabeth Seamans May 12, 2015

We are going thru the same thing as others being charged $19.95 every month without ordering anything else after we ;purchased the credit care knife. We tried contacting the company but neither of the phone #s work. The only way we can stop the monthly $19.95 charges is to cancel the card we used to make the original purchase and wait for our bank to issue a new card to us.

If you have had a similar charge PLEASE leave a comment here.

Scott August 18, 2015

I am also experiencing this same deceptive, undisclosed, fraudulent conduct. BUY YOUR PRODUCTS SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE YOU WON'T BE RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!

January 20, 2015
I just ordered the survival bracelet and the next day I get the email saying I have ordered this too many times so now they direct me to another site to reorder it and other items. Never heard of them till now. 0 rating contacting PayPal to stop them. Brian.

It's all just cheap talk.
January 15, 2015
Their phone line never goes through. After various emails back and forth, it is a month and a half since I ordered and I still don't have as much as a tracking number. They agreed to give me a tracking number but said it would take five days just for that! Why would it take five days to get me a USPS tracking number? Nothing about this experience feels right. It seems they will tell you anything in order to buy time and hold you over for a few more days, only to give you another excuse or reason for delay the next time you contact them. I will be reporting them to the BBB and initiating a charge back with my credit card company.

scam artist
January 10, 2015
took my money never received product don't waste your time or money

Crooks, scumbags, thieves, scam artists!
December 4, 2014
They are criminals! Taking peoples money and not delivering. It is a scam! Beware

Emmanuel Gantea December 18, 2014

There is no way to contact them. The phone is always too busy and asked to call later and the e-mail doesn't work. They are a bunch of thieves.

not very reliable
October 14, 2014

I have tried to e-mail them and call them, with no response.

the support e-mail address does not work.

I am not happy with them at all.

Karen November 14, 2014

Go to this site and you will find complaints, including one that I made. Also, many are posting the same complaints on their facebook page, of which mine was deleted by, I am assuming, the individual who manages the facebook page.

Kristine Bowles January 09, 2015

I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I ordered a $4.95 item and without asking me they threw a $9.95 item in. I called when they charged my bank and got the royal runaround. I told them I don't like being scammed and to just refund all of it as I no longer wanted anything from them except my money. I finally got the $4.95 back but have yet to see the rest. I will never order from them again. I am also going to try a fraud report to the police in Austin Texas where their address is.