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Super Beta Prostate, found online at, claims to be a safe, effective, all natural nutritional supplement that helps men over 40 maintain and support their important prostate health.

According to their website, many men over 40 begin to experience changes in their daily bathroom habits. They made need to urinate more each day, have a weak urine stream, or have incomplete bladder emptying. Some men find they are waking up more often during the night to use the bathroom.

Super Beta Prostate claims to be able to help alleviate these symptoms, through their non-prescription supplement which includes thirteen all natural ingredients, and is shown to have no known negative side effects.

The main ingredient in the supplement is beta-sitosterol. Even though this ingredient has not been evaluated by the FDA for helping prostate function, they claim this ingredient has been clinically researched and found to play an important role in prostate care.

According to their website, a double blind study of 200 men taking beta-sitosterol showed dramatic improvement in urine flow. Another study showed that long term use of beta-sitosterol showed continued benefits, including the reduced urge to urinate at night.

The Super Beta Prostate supplement provides you with 250 mg of beta-sitosterol, as well as with an additional 600 mg of additional natural plant sterols that are shown to provide other positive health benefits.

They say that over 5 million bottles of their supplements have shipped in the last ten years, though they are not available in stores. Currently they are running some promotions for new orders.

One promotion says you can order a 30 day supply of supplements for just $14.95 plus Shipping & Handling without being enrolled in their autoship program, or you can get a bottle for free plus the cost of S&H and enrollment. This means every 30 days you will receive another supply and automatically be charged $39.95.

Customers who have complaints and wish to cancel enrollment just need to contact their customer service within 30 days of your purchase.

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